Your Stories2015-08-16


    “In a remote Cambodian village, where locals have no electricity, phones or television, bringing out a Phantom to fly really turns some heads and blows some minds. ”

    Last year I had the pleasure of going deep into Cambodia to a remote village named Anluk Lang to shoot a documentary about humanitarian aid. The village is very basic; simple wood structures, dirt roads, livestock everywhere. The people are genuine and kind, and while we might look at them and say "they have nothing" they know no other way and think they have in fact everything; family, friends, communtiy. It was an amazing experience to be in contact with a group of people that were in fact cut off from the rest of the world, without Facebook, Instagram, Commercials or any sort of technological tool. That's why when I brought out the DJI Phantom their minds were blown. Humans are very interesting creatures. When we are face to face with something we dont understand we all react the same way; a bit of fear guided by a sense of wonder and excitement. That's what makes us human, and what we can all relate to. Seeing these children's faces light up at the sight of a flying machine was something I will never forget. The energy and wonder they brought is something that I like to draw from no matter where I am, no matter what project I'm working on. Once you whitness that, you are reminded, constantly, what makes life worth living. Adventure of the unknown. I have always been a filmmaker, a storyteller. Only a few years ago I got into flying drones, and now, it's one of the most powerful tools I have. My aerial cinematography has brought me all around the world, to Finland and Sicily, to Koh Pi Pi and the Artic Circle. No mater where I go the perspective is always unique flying these little marvels. Thanks DJI for enriching my life as a filmmaker, and the lives of others that let us fly high above them to tell their story. My website is - you can see my aerial work at - the cambodia video can be seen at - Roberto Serrini is a LA/NYC based Filmmaker who loves to fly. He is a co-producer of the NYC Drone Film Festival ( and a Creative Partner at No Frames Productions (