Your Stories2015-08-16

    SFC Troy C. GrayStudent

    “Helping my University with aerial photography/videography ”

    I'm 47 years old and recently lost my job of 16 years. I had gotten a Phantom II+ before hand and had a great time flying it. I then decided to go back to college at 46 and double major in Criminal Justice and Nursing. I had done a quick video flying around the University just for the fun of it and it was a big hit. I'm now working for the year book doing arial pictures of sporting events, out door events, and other events. Even the VP of Accidemic Affairs said he may use the photos and videos to take to China and use them for promoting the University. I've also been in the military for 25 years and am looking at ways to improve training with use of my PhantomI II+. Even if I don't win a thing, I'd still like to say thank you for giving me a way to not only escape the grind of not feeling productive anymore, but actually being able to give to those that can use my work. Thank You!!!