Your Stories2015-08-16

    Team MFAAdventurer
    Budapest, Hungary

    “A 9000km rally starting in Hungary and finishing in Mali ”

    When we joined the 2015 Budapest-Bamako Rally, our objectives were clear: 1) Getting across Europe and Northern Africa in one piece and 2) Having a trip of a life time. The equipment requirements were even clearer: It must either keep us alive, take us across or be darn useful! The easy, portable and powerful Phantom Vision 2 Plus was therefore coming with us. Its mission: Capture spectacular desert expenses, wild-life, abandoned citadels and our fellow racers as they rode over dunes, crossed rivers or got stuck at mountain passes. The Phantom drew the crowds (and equally scared them away) in remote savannah villages or in Mauritanian fishing villages. We caught the sun rise on the mud Mosque of Djenne, the sunset on the citadel of Aït Benhaddou (both UNESCO World Heritage sites) in angles and clarity that only the stabilised camera of the Phantom Vision 2 Plus would guarantee. The Phantom gave us great shots and videos which we will remember and cherish all our lives. Big thumbs up to the engineers at DJI!