Your Stories2015-08-14

    Ryan VoightHang Gliding Flight Training and Instruction
    Ellenville, NY, USA

    “Hang gliding is all about the freedom of flight; People think they know what that looks like, but they have no idea... DJI has helped me SHOW them, and inspire people to soar- literally!”

    Through hang gliding I have had some of the most remarkable experiences imaginable... and it's impossible to convey this in words to non-pilots. What DJI's technology has allowed me to do is SHOW them the freedom of flight, as we've never really been able to before. Hang gliding is NOT the dangerous, heart-pumping adrenaline ride most seem to think it is. It's fluid motion, it's freedom, it's serene, and it's stunning to the senses. True human flight! You've got to see it to get it... I have been using a Phantom 2 and Zenmuse H3-3D to fly along side my friends and provide a literal bird's-eye-view of what it's like up there. I hope to some day upgrade to an Inspire 1 and document this in 4k, with a ship that can move a bit faster- did you know hang gliders can glide at speeds up to 80 mph... and in dives can exceed 100 mph?! You think you know hang gliding? You have no idea! Check this out... Learn to fly with us at!