RoboMaster EP Core Resources

The EP Core comes with more than just a robot. DJI Education offers a custom curriculum, a competition database, programming guides and much more.

Learning Materials

Combining robotic theory with programming practice operations and tailored projects, the curriculum resources aim to drive students’ interests in engineering and cultivate their spirit of exploration.

Syllabus & Introduction

Competition Database

The RoboMaster EP Core Competition Database offers easy-to-understand rules and instructions for a wide variety of competitions. This allows educators to get games up and running with your class quickly and efficiently, testing the learning outcomes in a fun and exciting way.

Search and Rescue

Air-to-Ground Cooperation

Intelligent Warehouse

Programming Guides

DJI Education offers detailed guidance on Scratch & Python programming, and how to use SDK, made for someone new to coding or is transitioning to a more advanced level.

Scratch Programming Guide

RoboMaster Developer Guide (Python/ SDK)


iOS Version v1.1.4

Requires iOS 10.0.2 or above

Android Version v1.1.4

Requires Android 5.0 or above.


RoboMaster for Windows requires Windows7 64bit or above. RoboMaster for Mac requires MacOS 10.13 or above.

Mac Version v1.1.4


Windows Version v1.1.4



RoboMaster EP Core Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines v1.0


RoboMaster EP Core User Manual v1.0


RoboMaster EP Core Quick Start Guide v1.0


RoboMaster EP Core Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines - At a Glance v1.0