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WeightA3 Pro: 386g
A3: 186g
Power ConsumptionA3 Pro: Max. 16W
A3: Max. 8W
SizeController: 64mm x 42mm x 19.5mm
PMU: 51mm x 34mm x 13.5mm
External IMU: 34mm x 26.5mm x 20mm
GPS-Compass Pro: 61mm (diameter) x 13mm
LED: 27mm x 27mm x 8mm
Built-in Functions
  • Built-in IMU
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Low voltage protection
  • DJI Smart Battery Protection
  • Motor overload detection
  • External SBUS receiver
  • Lightbridge 2 receiver
  • 8 function channels (including 4 configurable direction channels)
  • SDK

Hovering Performance

Hovering Accuracy
  • Vertical: 0.5m
  • Horizontal: 1.5m
  • Vertical: 0.02m + 1ppm

  • Horizontal: 0.01m + 1ppm

Flight Performance

Maximum Wind Resistance<10m/s
Max Yaw Angular Velocity150 deg/s
Max Pitch Angle35°
Ascent/DescentAscent: 5m/s
Descent: 4m/s


Supported Multi-rotorQuadcopter: I4,X4;

Hexacopter: I6,X6,Y6,IY6
Octocopter: X8,I8,V8
Supported ESC400Hz frequency
Recommended Battery3S to 12S LiPo
Assistant Software System RequirementWindows 7 /8 /10 (32 or 64 bit)
Mac OS
Recommended RadioLightbridge 2, S-BUS or D-BUS
Other DJI Products SupportedRonin-MX, S900, S1000, S1000+,iOSD, D-RTK, DATALINK PRO etc.
Operating Temperature-10°C to +45°C 


Onboard SDK


Motor Fail ProtectionMinimum 6 axis
Propulsion ProtectionMotor Overload
No Fly ZonesSupported
Low Battery Level Warning (only for DJI Intelligent Flight Battery)Smart RTH
Low Battery Voltage WarningSupported

Extending Function

PWM I/O PortsF1-F4 ports for output F5-F8 ports for I/O function
iOSD Data StorageBuilt-in data recorder
Ground StationIt can be realized in DJI GO APP With Lightbridge 2, and in PC Ground Station with Lightbridge 2 or DATALINK PRO.
Intelligent Flight Modes(with Lightbridge 2) Point of Interest, Waypoints, Home Lock and Course Lock.
Remote Parameter AdjustmentIt can be realized in DJI GO APP With Lightbridge 2
PC AssistantDJI ASSISTANT 2, support simulator


Software Configuration
Software Configuration
Hardware Configuration
Hardware Configuration

Software Configuration

1. Controller can’t to connect the Assistant software.
a. Check if the Driver and Assistant software are installed successfully.
b. Check if the cable connecting the controller to the PC is connected correctly (for communication upgrades, please connect the cable to the USB port on the LED module).
c. Check if the controller has power.
d. Replace the USB cable or try another USB port on the computer.
2. After executing the CSC, the motors don’t power on.
a. Make sure the CSC is being performed correctly.
b. Please connect to the Assistant software or the app and check the status of main controller. If there’s an issue, you may be able to fix it following prompts in the Assistant or App.
c. Please check if the Command Stick Calibration channel sliders in the Assistant software are working normally and if the direction of the channels has been reversed.
d. Check if the ESCs are working normally and if there are any compatibility problems.
e. Check if the remote controller is connected to the aircraft correctly.
3. After takeoff, the aircraft rolls over.
a. Check if controller is oriented correctly.
b. Make sure the IMU is oriented correctly (check if the corresponding assistant orientation settings are set as intended).
c. Check if the motors are rotating normally and the propellers are mounted on the proper motors.
d. Check if each ESC signal cables correspond to their respective controller cables.
e. Check if the correct type of the aircraft selected.
f. Calibrate ESC throttle range (for third party ESCs).
4. The aircraft drifts when changing direction.
a. Observe how the aircraft self-balances.
b. Set the GPS relative center of gravity (XYZ value) correctly.
c. Check if the motors and propellers are aligned horizontally.
5. The Assistant software can’t be exited after entering SD card read mode.
Please reboot the controller.
6. Why is one switch unresponsive after calibrating the remote controller?
Please re-calibrate it. Before calibrating, please place all modes into the central position. Otherwise, one of channel calibration will be failed.
7. What are the functions of “P,A,F,M” in Assistant software?
P (Position) Mode: the aircraft uses the GPS or Vision Positioning System for positioning.
A (Attitude) Mode: The GPS and Vision Positioning System are not used for positioning. The aircraft only uses its barometer to maintain altitude. If GPS signal is strong, the aircraft can automatically return home.
F (Function) Mode: Intelligent flight function is activated in the mode.
M (Manual) Mode: There is no attitude angle limit. It is recommended to use this mode to regain control in an emergency.
8. WIN 7 Assistant software driver installation fails.
1. Occasionally, WIN 7 systems miss usbser.sys file. Download and place the file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers, and re-install the driver.
2. Click and download the usbser.sys file.
9. The Assistant software shutdown unexpectedly. When re-launched, it displays “DJI Assistant 2 already running!”
Stop the Root.exe file and re-open Assistant software.
10. LED displays a solid red after the firmware upgrade is successfully.
After the upgrade, parameters will be reset and controller unit will be locked. Please click unlock button in Assistant software and reset parameters.
11. How can I upgrade the firmware for the A3 flight controller?
Connect the LED module to your computer with a USB cable and then upgrade the firmware with DJI Assistant 2.

Hardware Configuration

1. What kinds of ESC does A3 controller unit support?
Standard ESCs, 1520μs central position, 400Hz.
2. Should the red third party ESC cable be disconnected?
If the ESC has a BEC, the red cable should be disconnected from the ESC.
3. How far away can the IMU module be installed from the center of gravity?
Mount it as close to the center of gravity as possible. Please keep it away from other electronic equipment, such as the GPS module, receiver, and ESCs.
4. Can the A3 controller’s CAN 1 port be interchanged with a CAN 2 port?
No, CAN1 ports support the A3 and DJI devices. CAN2 ports are the reserved port. In the future, CAN 1 will be supported by the SDK.
5. Can the A3 support Lightbridge 1 or FPV devices?
It doesn’t support Lightbridge 1. When receiving FPV video signal, it can only display image information and not iOSD information.
6. Does the A3 controller unit have an IOSD?
The A3 has a built in iOSD. Lightbridge 2 can display iOSD parameters in real-time.
7. How can one use DJI’s intelligent flight modes with an A3 controller?
When using Lightbridge 2, use the DJI GO app to use Waypoints, Course Lock, Home Lock, and Point of Interest.
8. Does the simulator the in A3 Assistant software support third party remote controllers?
S-BUS protocol based remote controllers are supported.
9. Does the A3 support PPM receivers?
10. Does an A3 used with Lightbridge 2 support the third party remote control of the gimbal system?
11. What gimbal does the A3 support?
Zenmuse Z15 A7/GH4/5D III/BMPCC/XT/X3/X5/X5R gimbal


1. What does the A3’s iESC interface do?
It connects DJI Intelligent ESCs for upgrading.
2. Does the A3 support SDKs?
It supports the Mobile SDK and Onboard SDK.
3. What are the advantages of the A3’s RTK GPS?
High accuracy (vertical: ± 0.03m, horizontal accuracy: ± 0.02m), magnetic interference protection, and provision of accurate flight course data.
4. Can the A3 fly in low temperature conditions? What is the recommended operation temperature range?
-10 ºC to 45 ºC.
5. What using an S900 with an A3 controller, what is the maximum wind speed the aircraft can withstand?
6. How can one identify whether the redundant components is functioning abnormally?
The redundant GPS and IMU have an LED status indicators. When the indicator is green or blue, the system is working normally. When the indicator is red, the system is working abnormally. Please connect Assistant software or follow App prompt to find out what’s wrong.
7. Solution for LEDs flashing red and yellow alternatively:
If compass data is abnormal, the LEDs will flash red and yellow alternatively:
1. If this happens repeatedly, the compass is working abnormally. Please re-calibrate it.
2. If the prompt temporarily appears (if you calibrate outdoors then go inside, or fly through a special area), and LED stops flashing, then it will not affect flight and you do need to calibrate the compass.
8. How to identify if IMU and GPS are using?
Observe IMU and GPS indicator, green light displays it is being used and blue light displays it is reserved.
9. When will the A3 switch and use redundant components?
1. You can switch between them manually in the DJI GO app (LB2 must be used).
2. If IMU is working abnormally, the system will automatically switch to the redundant IMU.
3. If the GPS is working abnormally, the system will automatically switch to redundant GPS.
When switched successfully, the LED will flash blue.
10. Does the A3 support DJI’s Dropsafe speed reduction system?
It does if the system meets the following requirements:
a. The thrust mass ratio should be more than 2.5.
b. The copter has at least six rotors.
c. When more than two propellers are lots, propellers must not be next to each other.
When the aircraft spins, the aircraft will automatically switch to Course lock Mode.
11. Can the A3 initiate takeoff if a GPS unit is not installed?
12. After installing D-RTK, does the A3 not need to be installed with a GPS unit?
No, D-RTK should be used with at least one GPS unit.

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