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Product Application
Product Application

Product Application

1. Why does the gimbal keep drifting after initialization?
The Cause
(1) The TX trims are too high.
(2) The GCU and Flight Control System have been disconnected.
(3) The gimbal direction is not pointing in the same direction as the aircraft’s nose.
What to Do
(1) Adjust the TX trims.
(2) Connect the GCU and Flight Control System.
(3) Ensure the gimbal direction is pointing to the same direction as the aircraft’s nose.
2. Why is the gimbal in an incorrect position after initializing?
The Cause
Abnormal calibration after manufacturing.
What to Do
Please contact your local dealer or DJI customer service.
3. I cannot distinguish the gimbal’s direction when in use, why?
The Cause
BVR (Beyond Visibility Range) flight.
What to Do
Switch to FPV Mode first, then to another Working Mode as needed.
4. The gimbal LED is blinking red, why?
The Cause
(1) There is a disconnected cable between the gimbal and camera.
(2) The camera is off.
(3) Camera setup failure.
What to Do
(1) Make sure all cables are securely connected.
(2) Power on the camera.
(3) Set the HDMI resolution to 1080i.
5. The gimbal’s green or yellow LED is continuously on, but no video is displayed. Why?
The Cause
(1) The HDMI-HD/AV transmission module is disconnected from the camera.
(2) The camera is powered off.
(3) In HD mode, the DJI Lightbridge App video source has been set to “HDMI/AV”.
What to Do
(1) Check HDMI-HD/AV transmission module connection.
(2) Power on the camera.
(3) Change the DJI Lightbridge App video source to "HD Gimbal".
6. Which Zenmuse support DJI’s helicopter main controller?
Zenmsue-Z15, Zenmsue-GH3, Zenmsue-5D
7. Can Zenmsue-A7 mount A7RII camera?
No, the designated camera are SONY ILCE-7S and ILCE-7R. As A7RII’s size and weight is different from A7R, it may affect the gimbal’s stabilization.


1. What’s Zenmuse GCU input power?
4S-12S Lipo battery (6S battery is recommended if used with the S800 EVO or S1000)
2. What camera and lens does ZENMUSE-GH4 use?
3. Which Zenmuse support 360° Panoramic photograph function?

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