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Remote Controller & Video Transmission
Remote Controller & Video Transmission
Gimbal Camera
Gimbal Camera


How do I activate DJI Inspire 3?
Before first use, the aircraft, remote controller, Intelligent Batteries, and remote controller internal battery require activation. For detailed steps, please watch DJI Inspire 3 Tutorial - First Use.
What should I do if the Inspire 3 firmware update fails?
If the firmware update fails, go through the steps below to troubleshoot.
1. Make sure the remote controller battery level is higher than 25% before updating and the remote controller is connected to the internet.
2. Powering off the drone or the remote controller during an update may cause firmware update failure. If this happens, restart drone and the remote controller, and begin the upgrade again.
3. Do not disconnect from the internet while updating firmware. Otherwise, the update will fail.
4. If the remote controller does not link with the aircraft, there may be firmware inconsistencies between devices. In this case, use DJI Assistant 2 (Inspire Series) on your computer to update the aircraft and the remote controller to the latest versions separately.
Is DJI Inspire 3 waterproof and dustproof?
What material is DJI Inspire S 3 made of?
The aircraft arm is made of carbon fiber and the housing is made of PC plastics.
The landing gear is made of PC plastics while the propeller is made of plastics and fiberglass.
How do I check the battery level of DJI Inspire 3?
Press the battery level button to check the current battery level when the aircraft is not powered on. After powering on, check the current battery level in the top bar of the app.
Why does DJI Inspire 3 not support Portrait Mode?
Inspire 3 is a professional cinematic-grade drone that supports Landscape mode only. But vertical photos and videos can be achieved through post production.
Which ports do DJI Inspire 3 and DJI RC Plus have?
Ports on the aircraft are as shown below:
1. USB-C (3.0) Assistant Port
2. USB-C (2.0) Port
3. Timecode Input Port
4. Expansion Port (2.0/Power Supply 12V)

Ports on the remote controller:
1. microSD Card Slot
2. USB-A Port
3. HDMI Port (1.4)
4. USB-C Port (3.0)
How do I use the aircraft with the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station?
1. Refer to D-RTK 2 High Precision GNSS Mobile Station User Guide to set up the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station and link the aircraft and the station. Then power on the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station and switch to the Broadcast mode of Inspire 3.
2. In the RTK settings, select D-RTK 2 Mobile Station as the RTK service type, connect to the mobile station by following the on-screen instructions, and wait for the system to search for satellites. In the RTK settings, when the status of the aircraft positioning in the status table shows FIX, it indicates that the aircraft has obtained and used differential data from the station.
3. D-RTK 2 Mobile Station communication distance: 12 km (NCC/FCC), 6 km (SRRC/CE/MIC).
4. The D-RTK 2 Mobile Station can only provide relatively high-precision location services. If absolute location accuracy is required, it is necessary to calibrate the absolute location of the mobile station and ensure the installation accuracy of the mobile station.
Does Inspire 3 support automatic bypass and obstacle avoidance?
No. But the aircraft is able to avoid obstacles, while obstacle avoidance cannot detect certain obstacles such as iron wiring, cables, tree branches, blind spots, and mirrored surfaces.
What precautions should be taken when using DJI Inspire 3 in other countries or regions?
If you would like to use the Inspire 3 drone in an area outside your current country/region, please ensure to follow the local radio frequency laws and regulations. Connect the drone to DJI Pilot 2 after you arrive at the area so that the app can automatically tune the system settings to be in adherence with local laws and regulations.
What is DJI Inspire 3’s maximum service ceiling?
Standard Propellers: 3800 m
High Altitude Propellers: 7000 m
What is the model of the DJI Inspire 3 motor?
The model of the Inspire 3 motor is DJI 3511s.
Compared to DJI Inspire 2, what major upgrades does Inspire 3 landing gear servo have?
Specifications: The dimensions and weight of the Inspire 3 servo is the same as that of Inspire 2 servo, while the rated rotating speed is increased by 40% and rated torque increased by 32%.
Software: Compared to DJI Inspire 2, overheating protection, power limit if the temperature is too high during motor starting or due to motor obstructed, and acceleration adjustment are newly added.
What is the braking distance of Inspire 3?
When flying in S-mode, the flight speed of the aircraft will greatly increase compared with that in N-mode (Normal). The braking distance will increase significantly. When flying in a windless environment, a minimum braking distance of 55 m is required.
Note that a minimum braking distance of 15 m is required in windless conditions while the aircraft is ascending and descending when in S-mode.
What is the maximum flight altitude of DJI Inspire 3?
When flying outside of Altitude Zones, the maximum altitude can be set to 1500 m. In Altitude Zones, fly the drone with the altitude limit set forth in your geographical position. Ensure your flights are conducted safely and in accordance with all local laws and regulations.
DJI has allowed users to lift height limit in Special Altitude Zones. The altitude limit in different areas varies. Please pay attention to the actual flight altitude limit during flight.
Why does DJI Inspire 3 not support using with Zenmuse X5S or Zenmuse X7?
The CMOS sensor is optimized to achieve better recording quality and the gimbal connector is not compatible with Zenmuse X5S and Zenmuse X7.
How do I export photos or videos captured by the Inspire 3 aircraft (from remote controller or aircraft)?
Photos or videos captured by the Inspire 3 aircraft are stored in the DJI PROSSD. To export footage, remove the DJI PROSSD and connect it to the computer with the USB-C cable. When the indicator on the DJI PROSSD turns on, it indicates that it is connected successfully.

The cache switch needs to be enabled in DJI Pilot 2. Go to the camera view in the app, tap the settings icon at the upper right corner, enter Common Settings, Video Cache Settings, and Cache When Recording.
Cache File Storage:
1. Enter the home screen of the remote controller, go to Files, Internal Storage, DJI, com.dji.industry.pilot, and CACHE_VIDEO, then find the MP4. file, that is the cache file.
2. Enter the home screen of the remote controller, go to Gallery, select Timeline or Albums, and locate the required cache video.
There are three methods to export cache as follows:
1. For Windows or some Mac computers that can identify the remote controller, copy and paste the required file.
2. Enter the home screen of the remote controller, go to Files, select and share the file to an Android device via Bluetooth.
3. Export the file via microSD card.

Remote Controller & Video Transmission

How can the DJI Inspire 3 aircraft be linked with one or two DJI RC Plus remote controllers?
Linking with one remote controller:
1. Power on the remote controller and the aircraft.
2. Run DJI Pilot 2 and tap "Link to Aircraft" to link. The status LED of the remote controller blinks blue, and the remote controller beeps during linking.
3. Press and hold the power button on the aircraft for at least five seconds. The aircraft power indicator will blink and beep twice to indicate that linking has started.
4. When linking is successful, the status LED of the remote controller will glow in solid green, the remote controller beeps twice, and the aircraft power indicator blinks green.

Before using Dual Control mode, users need to link the aircraft with remote controllers A and B respectively.
1. Launch DJI Pilot 2.
2. Enter the home screen and tap Controller A/B to activate linking. During linking, the status LED of the remote controller will blink blue and the remote controller will beep.
3. Press and hold the power button on the aircraft for at least five seconds. The aircraft power indicator will blink and beep twice to indicate that linking has started.
4. When linking is successful, the aircraft rear LED indicator will blink green, the remote controller beeps twice, and the remote controller status LED turns solid green.
After that, the aircraft control button on the remote controller will turn blue, and the user can take control of the aircraft, while the aircraft control button of the other remote controller with the control of the aircraft will turn white. Tap the gimbal camera icon on the upper left corner of the camera view in DJI Pilot 2 to gain control of the gimbal camera. Note: Link the two remote controllers one by one. Make sure to link remote controller A with the aircraft first, and then link remote controller B.
What is the screen material and size of DJI RC Plus for Inspire 3?
DJI RC Plus has a protection rating of IP54 (IEC 60529), and the built-in 7.02-in high brightness 1200cd/㎡ screen boasts a resolution of 1920×12000 pixels. The remote controller with Android operating system comes with a variety of functions such as GPS+Galileo+BeiDou, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. But display color correction is not available.

The remote controller supports 65W fast charging and has a maximum operating time of 3.3 hours with the internal battery and up to 6 hours when used with an external WB37 intelligent battery. The remote controller can work at the operating environment from -20°C to 50°C.
Can I change the brightness of the screen on DJI RC Plus for Inspirer 3?
The screen brightness can be adjusted in the remote controller, and the maximum brightness is 1200cd/㎡.
1. Go to the home screen of the remote controller, tap "Settings", and then tap the display icon and Brightness, and slide the bar to adjust the brightness.
2. Slide down to enter Shortcut Settings and slide the bar to adjust brightness.
3. Press the Back button on the remote controller and toggle the left dial simultaneously to adjust brightness.
How do I connect the DJI RC Plus remote controller to the internet?
Follow the steps below:
1. Press the Back button to enter the home screen, tap “Settings” and “Network & Internet”, and tap “Wi-Fi”.
2. Slide down from the top of the screen to enter Shortcut Settings, tap and hold the “Wi-Fi” icon to enter Wi-Fi list.
3. Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password.
Does DJI RC Plus for Inspire 3 have any key shortcuts?
Tap “...” at the upper right corner of the camera view in the app to enter Settings and check the descriptions of customize buttons and default functions.
Customizable Buttons: Hold the Back button and operate the following button in the combination to achieve some frequently-used features.
Back Button +Left Dial: Adjust Brightness
Back Button + Right Dial: Adjust Volume
Back Button + Record Button: Record Screen
Back Button + Shutter Button: Screenshot
Back Button + 5D Button: Toggle up-Home; Toggle down-Shortcut settings; Toggle left-Recently opened apps
Can the DJI RC Plus waist support be removed?
Yes. Use the provided screwdriver to remove the screws that are secured the waist support.
What is the dimension of the two screw holes on the bottom of the DJI RC Plus? What is the distance between two holes?
The dimension of the screw hole is M4×6 mm, and the distance between two holes is 212.16 mm.
What functions does the two dials of DJI RC Plus support?
The left dial controls the tilt of the gimbal, and the right dial controls the pan of the gimbal.
Can the Inspire 3 remote controller be used with other aircraft?
No. The firmware of the remote controller is only available for Inspire 3. DJI currently has no plan to release a firmware that is compatible with other products.
How do I reset the Inspire 3 remote controller settings?
1. Go to the system interface and tap “Settings”.
2. Tap “System”.
3. Tap “Reset options” and select “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth”, Reset app preferences”, or “Erase all data (factory reset)”.
4. To clean all the remote controller settings, tap “Erase all data (factory reset)”.


Why is TB50 Battery not compatible with DJI Inspire 3?
Thanks for pointing that out! We're sorry for the inconvenience. The two batteries are not interchangeable as the redesigned TB51 battery coming with new internal circuits and structure is smaller, lighter, and more streamlined compared to TB50 battery, allowing Inspire 3 to provide enhanced aerial cinematography experience.
Does the Inspire 3 TB51 battery support hot swapping? How to operate it?
The aircraft does not need to power off when replacing the TB51 battery. Users can replace one of the batteries first, as it takes some times for the aircraft to read the battery information. Wait for about three seconds before replacing another battery.

Gimbal Camera

Does Inspire 3 support automatic correction of lens distortion?
ProRes 422 HQ and H.264 support automatic lens distortion correction. Users can correct the lens distortion of ProRes RAW and Cinema DNG videos shot on Inspire 3 in Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, and Adobe Premiere Pro. For more details, please refer to DJI Inspire 3 - Lens Distortion Correction Guide For ProRes RAW and CinemaDNG Videos v1.0.
Related Explanation about Jello Effect for Inspire 3 Used with Zenmuse X9-8K Air Gimbal Camera
We are sorry for the trouble caused. As the X9-8K Air gimbal camera uses rolling shutter, the product may suffer from "jello effect” when capturing under certain shooting scenes, such as if the device is moving horizontally at high speed. In this case, it is recommended to set the shutter speed to [1/frame rate] if the current shooting frame rate is greater than or equal to 48 fps. Otherwise, it is recommended to shoot at a safe shutter speed of 1/50 s or a safe shutter angle of 180° to eliminate the motion blur and alleviate the impacts of the jello effect on the view quality.

Please note that jello effect may be affected by factors such as frame rate, frame size, and resolution. You can try capturing at 2K in full frame or Super 35mm, which can effectively reduce the effect. Thank you for your understanding.

Jello effect is caused due to the characteristics of the camera itself. These cameras contain CMOS, which typically employ rolling shutters in order to capture images. The Rolling Shutter CMOS sensor adopts the progressive scanning exposure mode. At the beginning of exposure, the sensor scans line by line to expose until all pixels are exposed. All the movements were completed in a very short time. When the motion of a subject is moving too fast or the camera is vibrating, jello effect occurs because of the relatively slow scan speed of the sensor, that is, part of the frame may blur, or straight lines may appear curved and bent.
What should I do if the DJI Inspire 3 gimbal vibrates, or the videos recorded have a ripple effect?
1. Check the wind speed: If the wind speed is too high, the jello effect may occur. It is recommended to replace the flight environment or fly the drone at another time.
2. Check the control stick operation: If the control stick is strongly pushed, the aircraft flies at high speed, and the jelly effect occurs. In this case, please operate the control sticks gently.
3. Check whether the vibration absorption board or rubber damper is damaged. If yes, replace it. It is recommended to purchase the rubber damper again
4. Check the firmware: Update the firmware to the latest version. 5. Perform the gimbal calibration, reset the gimbal parameters, and calibrate the IMU.
6. Check whether the aircraft had crashed. If the issue persists, send the products back for repair through “Online Repair Request” (
What is the sampling method for DJI Inspire 3?
Sampling method includes point sampling (8K/5.5K) and super sampling (4K).
How do I mount the gimbal camera to Inspire 3?
1. Attaching the Camera Lens
Rotate the lens lock lever counter-clockwise to the unlock position. Press and hold the lens release button and rotate the protective cover counter-clockwise to remove it. Remove the lens cap, align the red marks on the lens and the lens mount. Insert and rotate the lens clockwise until it is attached firmly. Then rotate the lens lock lever clockwise to the lock position.

2. Mounting the Camera
Press and hold the gimbal release button on the aircraft, rotate the gimbal connector cap counterclockwise to remove it. Align the red dots and insert the gimbal. Rotate the gimbal camera port counter-clockwise so that the locked position aligns with the red dot.

1. Make sure to hold the gimbal firmly when removing or mounting it.
2. To remove the gimbal camera, hold down the gimbal release button on the Inspire 3 and rotate the gimbal camera counterclockwise to detach it.
3. If the app prompts a “Gimbal not properly installed” warning, remove the gimbal camera and attach the lens again.


What are the accessories of DJI Inspire 3 and Inspire 2 interchangeable?
From the outer design to the internal structure as well as functions and accessories, every detail of Inspire 3 are optimized. Only the following Zenmuse X7 lenses can be used with the X9-8K Air gimbal camera.
DL 24mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens
DL 35mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens
DL 50mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens

The newly added DL 18 mm F2.8 ASPH lens is only available for Inspire 3, but it will be compatible with Ronin 4D through firmware update.

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