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Product Application

Product Application

1. In what ways has the DJI Lightbridge 2 been enhanced since the previous version?
The following enhancements have been made to the DJI Lightbridge 2:
A new SDI output port has been added. The Remote Controller is now integrated into the Ground System, so that you don’t need to buy an additional Remote Controller. Transmission latency has been reduced to as low as 50ms. Transmission range has been extended to up to 2km. Intelligent, adaptive wireless technology has been added for increased transmission reliability. Picture-in-Picture output support has been added.
2. What is the benefit of the SDI port on the DJI Lightbridge 2?
The Serial Digital Interface (SDI) is capable of transmitting High Definition digital video via a coaxial cable. Compared to HDMI output, the SDI boasts longer transmission distance and more stable signal. It is the most widely used interface in the Broadcasting and Television industries. The SDI port included with the DJI Lightbridge 2 solves the problem of unstable signal transmission, improves compatibility between devices, and removes the need for extra adapters.
3. Can I use the Lightbridge 2 together with remote controllers from other brands?
No. The Remote Controller is now integrated into the Ground System. There is no need to buy extra Remote Controllers.
4. Can I control Inspire 1 by using the Lightbridge 2 ground system?
No, the DJI Lightbridge 2 is not compatible with Inspire 1.
5. Can I use components of Lightbridge 2 together with components of Lightbridge?
No, Lightbridge 2 has enhanced the wireless transmission and used new algorithm, so that it cannot be used with Lightbridge.
6. Does Lightbridge 2 Air System have the same working voltage as that of Lightbridge?
No, the DJI Lightbridge 2 air system has a working voltage of 3S while that of the DJI Lightbridge is 3S~6S. Please make sure the voltage is set to 3S when the DJI Lightbridge 2 with the cable from the DJI Lightbridge.
7. Is the AV input port on the DJI Lightbridge 2 Air System in any ways different from that of the DJI Lightbridge?
The AV input port of DJI Lightbridge 2 air system is also used for power supply, which is different from the previous generation. Please avoid short circuiting this port during installation and use.
8. What is the maximum communication distance between the Master Ground System and Slave Ground System?
50 meters.
9. How long can the battery of the Ground System work?
The built-in 2S 6000mAh battery gives the Ground System a working time of 4 hours.
10. What is the largest tablet that will fit in the Ground System’s mobile device mount?
The mount can hold an iPad Air or other similar-sized tablet. Tablets should be no more than 170mm wide.
11. Which app should be used with the DJI Lightbridge 2?
The latest version of the DJI GO app for iOS and Android should be used with Lightbridge 2.
12. When using the A2 Flight Controller, how do I configure the buttons on the Ground System?
After finishing setting up the Air System, connect the A2 to your computer and use the A2 Assistant Software to map the channels of the Remote Controller. Map the Return to Home function to channel 6, which corresponds to the Return to Home button.
13. Can I use the USB, HDMI and SDI output ports on the Ground System at the same time?
You can either use USB and HDMI output or USB and SDI output simultaneously. The HDMI and SDI output ports cannot be used at the same time. You can choose the output port configuration in the DJI GO app. The default output port is HDMI.


1. The live view on my display is blurry or otherwise not clear. How do I fix this?
Please move to a location with less electromagnetic interference and/or choose channels with suitable video transmission quality in the DJI GO app. If the live view is still not clear, you can use “Signal Diagnosis” in DJI GO app to check whether the antenna is functioning normally or not.
2. After connecting to the aircraft, the display has visuals, but the video light of the Air System displays a solid red color. How can I solve this problem?
The red color displayed by the Air System’s video light signals normal functioning. The video light only shows the working condition of the LB ports (HDMI/AV port) while the condition of the EXT port (Gimbal port) is determined by the gimbal light.
3. When the aircraft is connected to the Ground System, the display, which is connected to the HDMI/SDI port, has no visuals. How can I solve this problem?
First, make sure you that you have configured the output port to correspond with the monitor.
Then, make sure you choose the correct input port: LB for direct input, EXT for gimbal signal and PIP_LB/PIP_EXT for PIP dual video input.
If the configuration of the app is correct, please check the settings of the camera and ensure that the gimbal cable is not loosen or broken.
4. The Air and Ground System fail to connect. How do I fix this?
Reboot both devices and link them again. Please ensure that the linking process is being performed in an environment with low interference.
5. The live view is not responsive. How do I reduce video transmission latency during flight?
Select “Low Latency” in the DJI GO app and ensure that there is no strong interference nearby. Alternatively, manually adjust to a channel without interference and choose the suitable video transmission quality.
6. How can I correct the loss of video downlink signal during short range flight?
First, make sure that the aircraft is flying in an environment with relatively low interference or adjust to a channel without interference and choose the suitable video transmission quality (in the DJI GO app).
If the loss of signal continues, you can use “Signal Diagnosis” in DJI GO app to check whether the antenna is functioning normally or not.

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