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Product Application

Product Application

Can the TB47S and TB48S be used simultaneously?
Is the M600’s battery charging hub the same as Inspire 1’s? Can the M100 use M600 battery charging hub?
Yes, they’re same. M100 batteries can be charged with an M600 battery charging hub.
Can M600 only be used with an A3 flight controller? Can other flight controllers be used?
No, it should be used with an A3 flight controller.
Can the M600 only use Lightbridge2? Can Lightbridge be replaced with a third party remote controller, such as a Futaba?
Must all six intelligent flight batteries be installed to takeoff?
All six batteries must be installed, or else the aircraft won’t take off. It is recommended to fully charge all intelligent flight batteries first before use.
Can executing the Combination Stick Command (pushing the sticks to the bottom inner or outer corners) stop the M600’s motors in an emergency?
No, newer DJI aircraft no longer use the traditional Combination Stick Command. To stop the motors, push the left control stick the bottom inner or outer corner and push the Return to Home button.
Does the M600 have dual video inputs?
Yes, it has an AV and HMDI port.
If the six intelligent flight batteries have different charge levels, can the aircraft takeoff?
If you turn on one battery, and the other five batteries don't turn on, the aircraft won't be able to take off.
The aircraft can takeoff under the following conditions:
The voltage differential between the batteries in compartments 1, 2, and 6 should be less than 1.5V and differential between the batteries in compartments 3, 4, and 5 batteries should also be less than 1.5V. The battery levels of 1, 2, and 6 batteries should be close and the battery levels of 3, 4, and 5 batteries should be same. If the voltage differential between 1, 2, 6 and 3, 4, and 5 is greater than 1.5V, the aircraft can still takeoff. Overall aircraft power will be displayed based on the set batteries with the lowest charge. It is recommended to fully charge all six batteries before takeoff.
When powering on, should the six batteries be turned on individually?
No, when turning on one intelligent flight battery, the other batteries will also automatically turn on. When turning off one intelligent flight battery, the other batteries will automatically turn off.
Does the M600 support master and slave control? How many slave devices can be connected?
Yes, up to 3 slave devices can be connected at a time.
After assembling M600, it shakes back and forth.
This is normal. The design is intentional because it reduces vibration.
How can find out if any of the redundant components are working abnormally?
Redundant GPS/IMU modules have LED status indicators. Green and blue light indicate they’re functioning normally. Red light indicates that there is a problem. Please connect to the Assistant software or the App to identify the issue.
What gimbals does the M600 support?
The Zenmuse Z15/X3/X5/X5R/XT and the Ronin-MX.
What development tools can be used with the M600?
The M600 supports Mobile SDK and Onboard SDK development. Manifold can also be used with the M600.
Can the M600’s motors be exchanged with the motors from the MG-1?
Compared to the S1000+, what are some new functions of the M600?
1. New flight controller, the A3.
2. New video downlink system, Lightbridge 2.
3. Can carry the Ronin-MX.
4. E2000 propulsion system, which is more powerful.
5. Optimized mechanical structure.
Are the X5, X3, and Ronin-MX gimbal installation sets compatible with the S1000+?
18. How can I upgrade the firmware for a TB47S or TB48S Intelligent Flight Battery?
The Intelligent Flight Battery will be upgraded when you upgrade the aircraft firmware. Insert the Intelligent Flight Battery into the Matrice 600 and connect the Matrice 600 to DJI Assistant 2 to upgrade.
For more details, please refer to this tutorial video:
19. How can I upgrade the firmware for the Matrice 600’s remote controller?
You can upgrade remote controller firmware with the DJI GO app.
For more details, please refer to this tutorial video:
20. How can I upgrade the Matrice 600 and the Zenmuse X3 or X5, if I want to use them together?
The Matrice 600 and Zenmuse X3/X5 need to be upgraded separately. The Matrice 600 is upgraded with DJI Assistant 2, while the Zenmuse X3 and X5 are upgraded with an SD card.
For more details, please refer to this tutorial video:


What components does the M600 set contain?
An aircraft frame, six intelligent batteries, two battery charging hubs, two battery chargers, a remote controller, and a GPS module.
What is the length of the M600’s wheelbase?
In total, how much does the M600 weigh? What is its maximum takeoff weight?
The total weight is 9103g (with six TB47S batteries), 9613g (with six TB48S batteries). Maximum takeoff weight is 15.1Kg.
What is the propulsion system of M600? Does it support to replace E2000 professional propulsion?
M600 is using E2000 propulsion system. The motor version is 6010, the ESC version is E1240, and the propeller version is 2170.
What is the difference between the M600 TB47S/TB48S intelligent batteries and the M100 TB47D/TB48D intelligent batteries?
Battery capacity and size are the same, but their firmware is different. So, they cannot be used interchangeably. Please use the DJI TB47S/TB48S intelligent flight batteries.
What is the standard flight controller of M600, the A3 or A3 pro?
The A3 is standard. Users can also install a redundant system or D-RTK.
What is the max flight altitude of M600?
How are M600’s arms angled?
The arms have an 8°lean angle and 3°tilt angle.
How can I retract M600’s landing gears? Will they retract automatically?
Toggle landing gear control switch and retract/put down M600 landing gear. You can turn on intelligent landing gear in DJI GO app. From 1.2m above the ground, the landing gear will automatically lift. In 1.2m below the ground, the landing gear will not automatically put down.
What is the gain value of M600?
Default gain value.
What is the hovering accuracy while using RTK?
Horizontal: 2 cm + 1 ppm
Altitude: 3 cm + 1 ppm
Ppm (parts per million): deviation is 1 mm per km.

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