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Gimbal and Camera
Gimbal and Camera
Remote Controller
Remote Controller
Video Downlink
Video Downlink
Battery and Charger
Battery and Charger


1. How many times can the Mavic's arms be folded?
5000 times.
2. Can the motors start when the Mavic's arms are folded?
Yes. There are no sensors on the arms, so the arms cannot judge whether they are folded or not.
3. The Mavic's motors are not all on the same plane. Will this affect its flight performance?
4. What is built into the Mavic's front arms?
The Mavic has two antennas. One antenna is built into both of the Mavic's front arms.
5. Is the aluminum alloy board on the bottom of the Mavic water-proof?
No. It is not advised to start the Mavic on a wet surface.
6. Should I take the propellers off when in transit?
No. Just fold the propellers and you are good to go.

Gimbal and Camera

1. What kind of gimbal does the Mavic use?
A 3-axis gimbal.
2. Can I disassemble the Mavic's gimbal?
No. Other components and cables may be damaged.
3. What are the specifications of the Mavic's lens?
FOV: 78.8°; Focus: 28mm (35 mm format equivalent); Aperture: f/2.2.
4. What's the Mavic's maximum video bit rate?
60 Mbps.
5. How long can a video be recorded with a 16G SD card?
When recording 4K or 1080p video at 60fps and 60Mbps: 36 minutes;
When recording 2.7K video at 45Mbps: 48 minutes;
When recording 1080p video at 50/48/30fps and 40Mbps: 52 minutes;
When recording 720p video at 1080p at 25/24fps and 25Mbps: 84 minutes.
6. What's the controllable range of Pitch and Roll for the Mavic's camera?
Pitch: -90° to +30°;
Roll: 0° or 90°.
7. What's the minimum focus distance of the Mavic's camera?
You can focus on objects as close as 0.5 m.

Remote Controller

1. How can I upgrade the firmware on the Mavic's remote controller?
1. Upgrade the remote controller with the DJI GO app.
For more details, visit:
2. Upgrade the remote controller with DJI Assistant 2.
For more details, visit:
3. Upgrade the remote controller together with the aircraft when they are connected to each other with DJI Assistant 2.
2. How can I link the Mavic's remote controller with the aircraft using the buttons on the remote controller?
Press the C1 Button, C2 Button, and Video Recording Button at the same time. After the remote controller emits a "D….DD" sound, press the shutter button. For details, visit
3. Does the Mavic's remote controller have an HDMI output?
4. Can I turn off or change the beeping tone of the Mavic's remote controller?
No. The beeping is used is to warn or inform users in certain situations and cannot be turned off or changed.
5. When should I use the Pause Button on the Mavic's remote controller?
When the aircraft is being controlled with a remote controller, the Pause Button can be used in normal flight or intelligent flight modes. Once the Pause Button has been pressed, the aircraft will brake and hover. You won't be able to control the aircraft with the right stick for two to three seconds. After two or three seconds, the aircraft will resume moving according to your stick inputs or the flight mode your currently in.
6. Does the Mavic support dual controller operation?
7. What size smartphones fit the Mavic's remote controller?
The Mavic's remote controller fits smartphones 6.5-8.5mm thick and up to 160mm long, without a phone case.
8. What's the effective transmission distance of the Mavic's remote controller?
FCC: 7 km, CE: 4 km (Unobstructed, free of interference).

Video Downlink

1. The DJI GO app says "Disconnected". How can I fix this?
"Disconnected" is displayed in the DJI GO app when the remote controller is not connected with the mobile device. Do the following to fix this issue:
1. Ensure that your mobile device is on the approved devices list on DJI's website.
2. Check if the mobile device is connected with the remote controller. Please reconnect the USB cable or try connecting with a different cable or USB port.
3. For Android devices, turn on "USB Debugging" under Developer options. If "Disconnected" is still displayed, check if the remote controller is charging the mobile device. If it is, "Only charge the mobile device" is selected in USB options. Please turn on Camera (PTP) under USB computer connection.
2. What is the transmission latency of OcuSync?
160ms from the Mavic’s camera to your device screen under ideal conditions.
3. Does OcuSync switch live view resolution between 720p and 1080p based on the environment?
OcuSync will not switch the live view resolution based on the environment. You can set a resolution as required in the DJI GO app.

Battery and Charger

1. Does the Mavic use an Intelligent Flight Battery?
Like the Phantom 4, the Mavic is equipped with a DJI Intelligent Flight Battery that features data storage and self-discharge.
2. What is the Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery's capacity?
3830 mAh.
3. What is the maxium flight time if the Mavic's Intelligent Flight Battery is fully charged?
27 minutes. (0 wind at a consistent 15.5 mph (25kph))
4. How long does it take to charge a Mavic's Intelligent Flight Battery?
It takes about 80 minutes to charge a battery with the original charger.
5. What is the charging temperature range for the Mavic's Intelligent Flight Battery?
5ºC to 40ºC.
6. What is the voltage and wattage of the Mavic's charger?
The voltage is 13.05V and the wattage is 50W.
7. How do I upgrade the firmware for the Mavic's Intelligent Flight Battery?
The battery will upgrade when the aircraft is updated. A prompt will be displayed in the app. Slide the slider to update the battery.


1. What should I do if I seldom capture selfies successfully in Gesture mode?
In Gesture mode, arm movement is more likely to be detected than finger movement. To increase the probability of capturing selfies in Gesture mode, extend your arms to the left and right before making the selfie gesture.
2. How can I reframe a subject when I'm tracking in ActiveTrack mode?
After selecting a subject in ActiveTrack mode, you can drag the rectangle on the screen to reposition the subject in the frame.
3. What does the new feature Tripod Mode do? Can it help improve the quality of long-exposure shots taken at night?
Tripod Mode is designed to slow aircraft movement, which allows users to operate accurately. Tripod mode is not designed to assist with long-exposure night photography.
4. When should I use the Mavic's TapFly mode?
If you've identified an object you want to capture that's far away, you can use TapFly mode to approach it steadily at speed you set. Flight direction can be changed during flight by using the DJI GO app.
5. How can the Mavic exit an Intelligent Flight Mode?
You can either toggle the Flight Mode Switch to Sport (when Multiple Flight Modes is enabled), or press and hold the RTH button on the controller, then exit the flight mode.


1. Why does image transmission cut out within a short distance when I use the WiFi signal from my mobile device to control the Mavic?
WiFi signal is highly subject to environmental interference. The short distance may be related to your environment or the performance of your mobile device.
2. The Mavic's bottom shell emits a lot of heat. Will this affect the aircraft if the Mavic is being used for a long period of time?
The aircraft will not be affected if it is flown for a long period of time. The Mavic emits a lot of heat because it contains 24 high performance processors. A fan and the metal bottom shell were included in the design to assist with heat dissipation.
3. Can I charge the Mavic's remote controller using a mobile power bank?
It is not recommended to charge the remote controller with a mobile power bank. This may damage the coulometer. Battery level readings for the remote controller may become incorrect, and the battery consumption speed may become greater than the charging speed.

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