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Image Transmission
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Firmware Update


How do I turn on a DJI Mini 2 SE after unboxing?
To ensure transportation safety, DJI Mini 2 SE flight batteries are set to Sleep mode before shipping. Simply connect the aircraft with the battery charger to activate the battery and begin using. After activating the battery, press the power button once and then press and hold to turn on the aircraft.
What app does DJI Mini 2 SE work with? Where can I download it? What mobile devices is the app compatible with?
DJI Mini 2 SE can only be used with the DJI Fly app.
You can download the DJI Fly app from major application stores or from the Downloads page on the DJI official website ( Please check compatibility on the website.
How do I activate DJI Mini 2 SE?
Connect your mobile device with the remote controller, then connect with DJI Mini 2 SE via the DJI Fly app. Follow the app instructions to activate DJI Mini 2 SE.
Is DJI Mini 2 SE waterproof?
Does DJI Mini 2 SE support automatic Return to Home (RTH)?
Yes. Always be sure to observe the surrounding environment carefully and set a proper altitude to avoid obstacles when using the Return to Home function.
Can I take photos or videos without a microSD card?
Yes. However, when a microSD card is not installed, the photos or videos you take will be of a lower resolution (720p). It is recommended to install a microSD card before shooting.
Can DJI Mini 2 SE track objects automatically?
What obstacle avoidance sensors does DJI Mini 2 SE have? Can the DJI Mini 2 SE avoid obstacles during the flight?
DJI Mini 2 SE comes with a downward infrared sensing system and does not support obstacle avoidance. It is recommended to mount the 360° Propeller Guard to fully protect the propellers and improve flight safety.
Is there a way to apply to fly in a restricted zone?
Yes. You can apply for permission to operate in restricted flight areas using the DJI Fly app. Apply by tapping “Unlock GEO Zone” in the DJI Fly app, or fill in the required information at


Does DJI Mini 2 SE support zooming while shooting? How do I use it?
DJI Mini 2 SE supports digital zoom, and the maximum zoom magnification for the corresponding resolution is shown as below:
2.7K: 3x
FHD: 4x
You can zoom the video screen by tapping the zoom icon on the camera view or touching and holding your fingers on the screen in DJI Fly app. Or you can press the FN button and toggle the left dial on the remote controller for zooming.
What photo modes does DJI Mini 2 SE support?
Single Shot, Interval, Panorama, and AEB Triple Shot.
Does DJI Mini 2 SE support portrait mode?
Does DJI Mini 2 SE support panorama?
Yes. It supports Sphere, 180°, and Wide-Angle.
Does DJI Mini 2 SE support manual mode when taking photos and videos?
Yes. You can adjust shutter, ISO, and white balance in M mode.
Does DJI Mini 2 SE support QuickShots?
Yes. The DJI Fly app QuickShots modes include Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, and Boomerang.

Image Transmission

What is DJI Mini 2 SE’s maximum video transmission resolution?
What advantages does OcuSync 2.0 have compared to Wi-Fi?
OcuSync 2.0 supports both 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands. It features stronger interference resistance due to automatic frequency switching, delivering video transmission feeds at up to 10 km (when unobstructed, free of interference, and FCC-compliant).
How can I improve signal reception?
The smartphone clamp of the remote controller houses the antennas. Make sure that the antennas are pointed toward the aircraft. Check the user manual for more information about setting the antenna direction. Additionally, 2.4/5.8 GHz wireless devices can cause interference to the signal. Please avoid high-density Wi-Fi signal sources, and consider turning off the Bluetooth on your mobile devices, as well as idle Bluetooth devices.


What is the maximum flight time of DJI Mini 2 SE?
The maximum flight time is 31 minutes.
How can I charge DJI Mini 2 SE?
You can connect the aircraft to a charger with Type-C cable, or use the Two-Way Charging Hub.
Does DJI Mini 2 SE have special requirements for the charger? Does it support fast charging?
DJI Mini 2 SE does not have special requirements for the charger. You can use an ordinary USB charger. DJI Mini 2 SE supports QC and USB PD fast-charging protocols, and supports up to 29 W of input power.


What is the maximum wind resistance level of DJI Mini 2?
DJI Mini 2 SE can hover stably at in wind speeds of up to 8.5-10.5 m/s.
What is DJI Mini 2 SE’s maximum service ceiling?
The maximum service ceiling is 4000 m.

Firmware Update

Does updating DJI Mini 2 SE require the remote controller? Can I update the aircraft by connecting it to my smartphone?
Updating requires the remote controller instead of your smartphone.
Can I use other apps while updating DJI Mini 2 SE on the DJI Fly app?
No. If you do, the update will fail. You will then need to download the firmware and update it again.
Can I disconnect from the internet once the firmware has been downloaded?


Can Mavic Mini use the battery of DJI Mini 2 SE?
Does the DJI Mini 2 SE remote controller support the Mavic Air 2 remote controller accessories?

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