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What is the difference between the high-brightness display of DJI RC Pro and the normal display?
The high-brightness display of DJI RC Pro can ensure that the brightness of the screen is continuously maintained at 1000 cd/m2, which is visible under strong light. This makes the controller to be used under outdoors scenarios in high temperature.
What kinds of ports does DJI RC Pro have?
There are mini-HDMI (support 4K output) port, microSD card slot, USB-C port that supports video output, microSD card expansion, and charging.
Does DJI RC Pro have speaker and microphone?
There is a speaker, but no built-in microphone is equipped. DJI RC Pro supports communication and sound recordings by connecting an external digital microphone through USB-C port.
Can I customize and set the DJI RC Pro’s buttons?
C1/C2/C3 buttons and 5D button on DJI RC Pro can be set via DJI Fly app for drone control.
Can DJI RC Pro be used with a third-party app? How do I install the app?
Yes. To install the app, download the installation package through the system's built-in third-party browser or using a microSD card to install the APK file (DJI is not responsible for the permissions and information security involved in third-party applications, and does not provide any technical support for compatibility issues with third-party apps. If DJI RC Pro function is affected after a third-party app is installed, please try to uninstall the app or restore factory settings).
Does DJI RC Pro support fast charging?
DJI RC Pro supports high-voltage fast charging, and the charging time is 2 hours when using a 12V charger and 1.5 hours when using a 15V charger.
How long can DJI RC Pro operate?
Normally it can work more than 3 hours.
Can the brightness of DJI RC Pro be adjusted manually or automatically?
The brightness of DJI RC Pro can be adjusted manually or automatically. When setting the brightness option to Auto, the brightness will be automatically adjusted to suitable for human eyes based on the brightness of the external environment.
Can DJI RC Pro be connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?
DJI RC Pro can be connected to Wi-Fi and mobile phone's Wi-Fi hotspots, and it supports Bluetooth.
Can DJI RC Pro be charged with a portable power bank and used at the same time?
Does DJI RC Pro support downloading RAW photos?
DJI RC Pro Photo/Video Storage Path after Downloading
When the remote controller is powered off, use a USB 3.0 USB-C cable to connect the remote controller to the computer via USB-C port.
Photo: this computer\DJI RC Pro\internal storage\DJI\dji.go.v5\DJI FLY\Video\OriginalFiles\Photo
Video: this computer\DJI RC Pro\internal shared storage\DJI\dji.go.v5\DJI FLY\Video\OriginalFiles\Video
Where would be flight records saved after the microSD card is installed in DJI RC Pro?
Flight records cannot be saved to the microSD card.
To avoid data loss, flight records will only be saved in the internal storage of the remote controller.
Does DJI RC Pro support downloading H.265 video?

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