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RoboMaster TT

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Drone module


Take-off weight87 g (including the propeller blades, propeller blade protector, and batteries)
Dimensions98×92.5×41 mm
Propeller blade3''
Built-in functionsInfrared height determination, barometer, LED indicator, downward vision sensor, Wi-Fi, and HD 750P image transmission
InterfaceMicro USB charging port

Flight performance

Maximum flight distance100 m
Maximum flight speed8 m/s
Maximum flight time8 min[1]
Maximum flight height30 m


Removable battery1.1 Ah/3.8 V


Image5 MP
FormatJPG (for images) and MP4 (for videos)
Electronic image stabilizationSupported

Extension accessory

Open source controller

Weight12.5 g (including the open source controller and ranging dot-matrix screen)
Dimensions49.5×32×15.2 mm
Operating modeAP and Station modes
Wi-Fi frequency band2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz
Bluetooth2.4 GHz
MCUESP32-D2WD, dual-core at 160 MHz, 400 MIPS
Open sourceSupports SDK development, Arduino, graphical programming, and MicroPython programming.
Scalability14-pin extended interface (for I2C, UART, SPI, GPIO, PWM, and power supply)
Programmable LED indicatorFull-color LED

Ranging dot-matrix screen extension module

Dimensions35.3×31.5×8.6 mm
Programmable dot-matrix LED indicator8×8 red-and-blue indicator
Dot matrix driving functionIIC interface, automatic dot matrix scanning, 256-level adjustable overall brightness, and 256-level adjustable single-LED brightness
Ranging moduleInfrared distance sensor (ToF)
Maximum distance measured1.2 m (indoor with white targets)

Adapter extension board

DIY adaptation14-pin extended interface to the 2×7-pin 2.54-mm in-line pad, 2 power indicator positions, and 2 debugging indicator positions



[1] The maximum flight time of the drone without any extension accessories. The maximum flight time is 8 minutes and 30 seconds when the extension accessories are installed.


Extension Module
Extension Module
Firmware Upgrade
Firmware Upgrade
Software Functions
Software Functions


Where are my captured photos and video saved? How can I export them?
Photos and videos will be saved to your smartphone. You can export files from your smartphone as needed.
What is the sensor size of the RoboMaster TT camera?
The sensor size of the RoboMaster TT camera is 1.5 inches CMOS.
What is the resolution of the photos taken by the RoboMaster TT camera?
The image resolution is 2592x1936 (5MP).
What is the resolution and frame rate of the videos captured by the RoboMaster TT camera?
The video resolution is 1280x720p, and the frame rate is 30fps.
What is the format of photos and videos captured by the RoboMaster TT camera?
Tello App
Android version:
Photo: App v1.2.14.01 or later: PNG; Other app versions: JPG
Video: MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
iOS version:
Photo: JPG
Video: MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)

Extension Module

What is the TOF sensing distance accuracy of the Dot-Matrix Display & Distance Sensing Module?
What is the maximum sensing distance of the TOF for the Dot-Matrix Display & Distance Sensing Module?
1.2 m (indoors with white wall).
How can the RoboMaster TT Extension Board be used?
The Extension Board allows you to experience DIY flight by connecting third-party modules to the corresponding port, achieving a further expansion of functions. For example, connect the flame sensor to the aircraft through the extension board, and then the aircraft will make a corresponding alarm when the flame is detected.

Firmware Upgrade

What should I do if an update is interrupted or fails?
If an update fails, reconnect your RoboMaster TT to the app and try again. The Open-Source Controller firmware needs to be updated with RM Assistant.
How can I update the RoboMaster TT firmware?
Remove the Expansion Kit from the RoboMaster TT and restart the aircraft, then use the Tello app to update the firmware. Updating via the Assistant software is temporarily not supported.
RM Assistant under DJI Education Hub is required when updating the RoboMaster TT Open-Source Controller.

Software Functions

Can the Tello app and Tello EDU app be used at the same time?
Both apps are compatible with RoboMaster TT aircraft.
The Tello app is for experiencing the excitement of flight and aerial photography.
The Tello EDU app is focused on programming.
One app should be completely turned off before using the other. The RoboMaster TT should also be restarted when switching between apps.
Can the Tello EDU app be used for free?
Although most of the app’s functions are free, the Tello EDU app also has games, which include some levels that require payment.
What should I do when the Tello EDU app doesn’t work?
The Tello EDU app is provided by Wistron (Shanghai) Ltd. Should you have any questions about the app, please contact Wistron by dialing +86-21-64952384 or sending an email to Thank you for your understanding.
If there is an error when using Mind+, how can the issue be fixed?
MindPlus Contact Information:
Mainland China: Email: Phone: +86 (0)21 61620183 to 621/625
Overseas: Email:
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 18:00 (Beijing Time GMT+8:00)


Which Bluetooth controllers are compatible with the RoboMaster TT?
The RoboMaster TT is currently compatible with the customized Gamesir T1D.
Which programming languages ​​does the RoboMaster TT support?
The RoboMaster TT supports multiple programming languages, including Scratch, Python, MicroPython, Arduino, and plaintext SDK.


What are the dimensions and weight of the RoboMaster TT?
Aircraft Dimensions (Excluding Expansion Kit): 98 x 92.5 x 41 mm; Weight (Battery, Propellers, and Propeller Guard Included): 87g
Expansion Kit Dimensions: 49.5 x 32 x 15.2mm
(Open-Source Controller): 35.3 x 31.5 x 8.6mm
(Dot-Matrix Display & Distance-Sensing Module) Weigh (Including Open-Source Controller and Dot-Matrix Display & Distance-Sensing Module): 12.5g

[For Internal Use Only] Weight: Open-Source Controller: 9g; Dot-Matrix Display & Distance-Sensing Module: 3.5g; Extension Board: 1.3g; Extension Board with 7 pins soldered: 1.8g
How do I control the RoboMaster TT?
You can control the RoboMaster TT directly via the Tello app/Tello EDU app/Mind+, with a supported Bluetooth remote controller connected to the app, or through the SDK.
What kind of interesting things can the RoboMaster TT do during flight?
The RoboMaster TT can perform 8D Flips, fly up and down from your hand in Bounce mode, or automatically record short videos with EZ Shots.
Can the RoboMaster TT fly indoors?
Yes, The RoboMaster TT is safe to fly indoors. The RoboMaster TT can also fly outdoors, but it is only recommended to do so in windless conditions.
Is the RoboMaster TT waterproof?
What is the RoboMaster TT's flight range?
Mounted with the Open-Source Controller and connected via Wi-Fi, the RoboMaster TT's maximum flight range is approximately 100 m, but that range may vary according to your environment. When connecting the aircraft via a Bluetooth remote controller (without using the app), the maximum flight range is 15 m.
How do I replace the RoboMaster TT propellers?
You can replace the propellers by detaching the old ones and mounting new ones using the tool included in the product packaging.
How can I differentiate between clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) propellers? Do I have to mount different propellers in specific places?
RoboMaster TT's propellers and motor casings are marked for differentiation. CW and CCW propellers must only be attached to CW and CCW motors, respectively. CCW propellers have notches near where they attach to the motors, and CCW motor casings are also marked with notches. CW propellers and motors both do not have notches. For more details, refer to the user manual.
What sensors does the RoboMaster TT have?
The RoboMaster TT has one IMU and one barometer. There is no compass or GPS inside the aircraft.
What is the maximum flight height of the RoboMaster TT?
The aircraft height limit is 30 m, and it can be set in the app with a range from 2 to 30 m.
What is the maximum payload of the RoboMaster TT?
Due to the limited carrying capacity of the RoboMaster TT aircraft propulsion system, the aircraft may stop when fully outputting power for a long time. We do not recommend loading heavy accessories onto the aircraft.
Theoretically, the RoboMaster TT aircraft (excluding the Expansion Kit) can bear a payload of about 20 grams, but the payload available in actual use is less than 20 grams. Increasing the aircraft payload will affect the aircraft's center of gravity and flight, which may cause a crash.
Does an SD card need to be mounted to the RoboMaster TT?
No. Photos and videos captured through the Tello app can be stored directly to the mobile device.
What is the maximum takeoff altitude of the RoboMaster TT?
The maximum takeoff altitude is 1,000 meters. At higher altitudes, the performance of the battery and propulsion system will decrease due to environmental factors, and the flight performance will be affected.


How do I charge the RoboMaster TT's battery?
You can either charge one battery via the Micro USB port on the aircraft or use the battery charging hub to charge three batteries in sequence.
Does the RoboMaster TT battery support hot-swapping?
No. If you do so, you may lose the photos or video taken during your last flight.
Does the RoboMaster TT need to be powered off before charging?
Yes. Connect the USB charger to charge when the aircraft is powered off, and it cannot be charged when being powered on.
What are the maintenance recommendations for the RoboMaster TT batteries?
If you do not use the battery for more than 10 days, discharge the battery level to 30%-60% and then store it, which can extend the battery life.
How does the RoboMaster TT Battery Charging Hub charge batteries?
The Battery Charging Hub will charge the battery in sequence according to battery power levels from high to low.
What is the maximum flight time of the RoboMaster TT aircraft?
The RoboMaster TT aircraft without the Expansion Kit has a maximum flight time of 13 minutes, measured at a constant speed at sea level without wind.
When the RoboMaster TT aircraft is equipped with Expansion Kits (Open-Source Controller and Dot-Matrix Display & Distance Sensing Module), the maximum flight time is 8 minutes, which is measured when flying at a constant speed at sea level without wind.
How can the RoboMaster TT battery firmware be updated?
The battery cannot be updated, and the battery will not be updated during aircraft firmware updates.

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