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1. How to update the remote controller’s firmware?
a) Method 1: Updating the remote controller wirelessly
Ensure the remote controller is connected to the internet during the update.
1. Power on the remote controller. Tap on the application page. Swipe to the bottom, and tap “System Update”.
2. Tap “Check for Updates” to check your firmware version. The remote controller will prompt if a firmware update is required.
3. Follow the prompts to finish the update.
4. The remote controller will automatically restart after the update.

b) Method 2: Using DJI Assistant 2
1. Connect your smart controller to a PC using a USB Type-C cable with the controller powered off.
2. Power on the remote controller.
3. Launch DJI Assistant 2, and log in using a DJI account.
4. Click GRC, and then the firmware update button on the left side.
5. Select and confirm the firmware version.
6. DJI Assistant 2 will download and update the firmware automatically.
7. The remote controller will restart after the update.
2. DJI Smart Controller Specifications.
Video transmission system: OcuSync 2.0.
Screen size: 5.5-inch.
Screen resolution: 1920*1080.
Screen maximum brightness: 1000cd/m².
Operating temperature: -20°C to 40°C.
3. What aircraft are compatible with the DJI Smart Controller?
a) The DJI Smart Remote Controller is compatible with the Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro.
b) More drones will be supported with future firmware updates.
4. Can third-party apps be installed on the DJI Smart Controller?
Yes, and there is no restriction on the number of apps that can be installed. (DJI is not responsible for the permission and information security issues involving third-party apps, and will not provide technical support if compatibility issues occur when using third-party apps. If the user experience is affected by third-party apps, please uninstall the apps or restore the DJI Smart Controller to factory settings.)
5. Under what circumstances will the DJI Smart Controller’s cooling fan start to rotate?
The remote controller’s cooling fan will automatically turn on, off, or adjust its rotation speed according to the internal chips’ temperature.
6. How long does it take to fully charge a DJI Smart Controller? How long can the remote controller work?
When charging with a standard charger (12V/2A), it takes about 2 hours to fully charge a DJI Smart Controller, and the maximum battery life is about 2.5 hours.
7. Can the HDMI port input images?
No, the HDMI port can only be used for output.
8. Does the DJI Smart Controller have GPS?
Yes, there is a built-in GPS module in the remote controller.
9. Does the remote controller have a built-in speaker and microphone?
Yes, there is a built-in speaker and microphone.
10. What external ports does the DJI Smart Controller have?
b) MicroSD Card Slot
c) USB Type-C
d) USB-A
11. Can the DJI Smart Controller be charged with a portable power bank and used at the same time?
12. Can I customize the remote controller’s buttons?
Yes, the C1 and C2 button’s functions can be customized.
13. Does the DJI Smart Controller have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?
Yes, the remote controller has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
14. How to use a PC to browse the media files in the DJI Smart Controller?
When connecting the PC to the DJI Smart Controller for the first time, the driver will be automatically installed in the PC. Please wait until the driver is installed successfully.
a) Turn on the DJI Smart Controller.
b) Connect the DJI Smart Controller to the PC via a USB type-C cable.
c) Select “Transfer files” in the DJI Smart Controller’s pop-up window.
d) Open the DJI Smart Controller’s folder on the PC to browse the media files stored in the DJI Smart Controller.
e) The files’ default storage directories are as follows:
Screen recording videos: Movies/Screen
Screenshots: Screenshots
Original videos: DJI/dji.go.v4/DJI Album
Cached images: DJI/dji.go.v4/CACHE_IMAGE
Cached videos: DJI/dji.go.v4/DJI_RECORD
Edited videos: DJI/dji.go.v4/VideoEditor/production/

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