Z14120( 5 ~ 14 S LiPo / 120 A)ESC

The Takyon Z14120 ESC has a maximum working current of 120 A and can support 5 to 14 S batteries with a voltage input of up to 61 V . It weighs just 130 g (cables excluded) and is waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion. It is Equipped with a 'Black Box' flight data recorder, a voice alarm, and can also support a dual throttle system when used with DJI Intelligent Flight Controllers. The Takyon Z14120 ESC is ideal for high-performance aircraft, offering longer flight times and increased reliability that allow it to fulfill the needs of a range of industrial applications including agriculture and plant protection, power line inspection, fire forecasting, professional aerial filming and more.

Twin Core Performance

Twin Core Performance

Two DJI 32 bit single-core processors (100 MHz + 60M Hz) give the Takyon Z14120 ESC real-time monitoring, precision motor control, and an extraordinarily fast response. If the secondary processor is not required, it will go to sleep to reduce overall energy consumption. When needed, it will restart operation to maintain the high overall performance.

Steady in Extremes

An anti-corrosion sealed case with a PCBA nano waterproof coating makes the Takyon Z14120 ESC resistant against water, dust and damage from corrosive materials including pesticides, salt, and more. It is IP66 rated*, ensuring steady operation even in extreme conditions.

* IEC60529 Compliant

  • IP 66 Rated
  • Nano Coating
  • Anti-corrosion Shell
Overcurrent protection
Overvoltage protection
Short circuit protection
Overheating protection
Stall protection
Phase-loss protection

Real-time Monitoring and Protection

An intelligent design allows the Takyon Z14120 ESC to monitor voltage, current, temperature, interior humidity and other critical parameters in real-time. It prevents the drone going over-voltage, over current, overheating and internal short circuits. The motor is also protected from being blocked, phase breaks and other short circuits. This real-time monitoring system provides all-round protection and reduces losses caused by malfunctions. A special spark proof circuit design prevents connectors from sparking when hot-plugging batteries, increasing plug wire durability and reducing maintenance time and cost.

Primary Throttle Line
Back-up Throttle Line

Dual Throttle System Design, “Black Box” Flight Data Recorder

The Takyon Z14120 ESC is also equipped with a back-up throttle system* for if an issue occurs with the primary throttle line, further enhancing safety. When combined with the DJI N 3 , DJI A 3 or other intelligent flight controllers, the operating status of the Takyon Z14120 ESC can be monitored in real-time, and they allow the motor to make rapid adjustments to abnormal inputs.Essential data is also automatically recorded to support flight and ESC maintenance.

* DJI N 3 / A 3 Intelligent Controller Required. * “Black Box” Flight Data Recorder is available when used with all flight controllers in the market.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

A proprietary heat dissipation technology developed specifically for the Takyon Z14120 ESC allows high powered aircraft to fly more steadily. Using a Patented heat dissipation technology, power MOSFET increases thermal conductivity to the outer shell by up to 20 times compared to the use of traditional copper sheet. It allows high powered aircraft to operate for up to a full day without adding any fans.

Intelligent Voice Alarm and Convenient Parameter Configuration

In the event of system failure, the Takyon Z14120 ESC will alert the pilot with a voice alarm. The system automatically detects errors* before flight and signals through the motor, making error checks easier. Combined with DJI Assistant 2, it allows you to configure a broad range of parameters and update firmware, fulfilling the needs of multiple industrial applications.

* “Errors” here only refer to the internal errors caused by the Takyon Z14120 ESC. A DJI N 3 / A 3 is required to for external error alarms.

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