Z14120( 5 ~ 14 S LiPo / 120 A)ESC

The Takyon Z14120 ESC has a maximum working current of 120 A and can support 5 to 14 S batteries with a voltage input of up to 61 V . It weighs just 130 g (cables excluded) and is waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion. It is Equipped with a 'Black Box' flight data recorder, a voice alarm, and can also support a dual throttle system when used with DJI Intelligent Flight Controllers. The Takyon Z14120 ESC is ideal for high-performance aircraft, offering longer flight times and increased reliability that allow it to fulfill the needs of a range of industrial applications including agriculture and plant protection, power line inspection, fire forecasting, professional aerial filming and more.


Max Allowable Voltage61V
Battery5 - 14S LiPo
Max Allowable Current ( continuous )120 A
Max Peak Current ( < 3 sec )160 A
High Rotational Speed Motor Support280000 rpm ( 1 pole pair )
Throttle Signal Frequency Range30 Hz ~ 500 Hz
Weight ( wires excluded )130 g
Operating Temperature-10 ℃ to 40 ℃
Compatible Motor Modelsincluding but not limited to:
6010, 6025, 6035, 6135, 6215,
6340, 6610, 8308, 8314, 8318,
9225, 9235, 10010
AssistantPWM output frequency settings
Display Flight Logs
Acceleration settings
Timing settings
Active braking settings
Motor rotation direction settings
Startup tone settings
Throttle range settings
Firmware upgrade
Typical ApplicationsAgricultural Multirotor Aircraft
Industrial Aerial Imaging Multirotor Aircraft


Length ( Without Cables )95.40 mm
Width51.00 mm
Thickness18.80 mm
Aperture Diameter3.20 mm
Motor Cable Length180 mm
Power Cable Length150 mm
Signal Cable Length790 mm


  • Takyon Z14120 ESC Quick Start Guide v1.0
  • Takyon Z14120 ESC User Manual v1.2


  • DJI Assistant 2