The DJI Takyon Z660 is designed for industrial drones. A custom designed System on Chip (SOC) and a modular design combine with efficient and intelligent motor control algorithms to make the DJI Takyon series ESC an extraordinarily fast and ultra-accurate motor control system. Takyon Z660 supports 3-6S 9.6 - 26.1 V battery with a maximum working current of 60 A. Dustproof and waterproof, the Z660 can provide reliable speed control solutions for drone applications including mapping, inspection, agriculture, security and other industries.

Basic Features

FeaturesExcellent Motor Compatibility
Active Braking System
Adjustable Motor PWM Frequency
3-6S LiPo Battery
Maximum Working Currency up to 60A
Two Throttle Signal ModeRegular throttle signal: 30Hz to 500 Hz PWM signal
OneShot125 signal:30-650 Hz
High Rotational Speed Motors40000rpm(7 pole pairs)
280000rpm(1 pole pair)
PC Assistant SoftwareTiming Settings
Active braking settings
Acceleration Settings
Startup tone settings
Motor rotation direction settings
Motor rotation direction testing
Throttle range settings
Firmware upgrade
Output PWM Frequency settings
Complete Electromagnetic Compatibility TestRadiated RF electromagnetic field immunity
Radiated emission
Electrostatic discharge immunity

Extreme Conditions

Input VoltageMinimum:9.6 V
Maximum:26.1 V
Allowable Current (Continuous)Maximum:50 A
Peak Current (< 3 sec)Maximum:60 A
PWM Input Signal LevelMaximum:5.0 V
Minimum:3.0 V
Compatible OneShot125 Signal FrequencyMinimum:30 Hz
Maximum:650 Hz
Compatible Regular Signal FrequencyMinimum:30 Hz
Maximum:500 Hz
Operating TemperatureMinimum:-10 ℃
Maximum:50 ℃
NoteThe data above is measured at a temperature of 25°C and a voltage of 22.2V


Quiescent CurrentMinimum Value:0.0221A
Typical Value:0.0227 A
Maximum Valu:0.0235 A
Full Throttle Working Current*Minimum Value:47.394 A
Typical Value:50.137 A
Maximum Valu:53.469 A
Hovering ESC Temperature**Typical Value:30.4 ℃
NoteTesting Environment:
*Propeller:2255;Motor:3510 Motor(KV350)
**Aircraft:diagonal wheelbase 600mm;Propeller:1345 Propeller;Motor:3510Motor(KV350);Battery:6S LiPo,4500mAh;Total Aircraft Weight:2010g

General Specs

Max Allowable Voltage26.1 V
Max Allowable Current *(Continuous)60 A
Max Peak Current (< 3 sec)70 A
Max OneShot125 Signal Frequency500 Hz
Default Output PWM Frequency16 kHz
Weight (not including wires)50 g
Battery3-6S LiPo
Compatible Motor ModelsIncluding but not limited to: 1306、1804、1806、2216、2312、3510、3515、3520、4010、4114、4216、5010、6215
Note*meausred in ventilated environment and at a temperature of 25°C.

Recommended environment

Input VoltageMinimum Value:9.6 V
Typical Value:22.2 V
Maximum Value:26.1 V
PWM Input Signal LevelMinimum Value:3.0 V
Maximum Value:5.0 V
Compatible OneShot125 Signal FrequencyMinimum Value:30 Hz
Maximum Value:650 Hz
Compatible Regular Signal FrequencyMinimum Value:30 Hz
Maximum Value:500 Hz
Operating TemperatureMinimum Value:-10 ℃
Typical Value:25 ℃
Maximum Value:40 ℃
NoteTypical Working Conditions*:The following data is measured at a temperature of 25°C and a voltage of 22.2V
The Z660 is mainly designed for drones used for industrial applications in mapping, inspections, agriculture, security, and other industries.
The Z660 supports throttle range settings and is compatible with a wide range of flight controllers with different throttle ranges. However, we recommend you use DJI’s A3/N3 flight controllers for optimum performance.
The Z660 is compatible with most motors used on industrial drones, including, but not limited to, 1306, 1804, 1806, 2216, 2312, 3510, 3515,3520, 4010, 4114, 4216, 5010, 6215, etc.
Yes. An sealed case makes the IP67-rated Takyon Z660 resistant against water and dust, ensuring steady operation even in extreme conditions.
A series of harsh reliability tests have been conducted on the Z660, including waterproofing, salt spray, dropping, electrical stability, high-frequency vibration, aging, high low temperature cycling tests, and more.