The DJI Takyon Z660 is designed for industrial drones. A custom designed System on Chip (SOC) and a modular design combine with efficient and intelligent motor control algorithms to make the DJI Takyon series ESC an extraordinarily fast and ultra-accurate motor control system. Takyon Z660 supports 3-6S 9.6 - 26.1 V battery with a maximum working current of 60 A. Dustproof and waterproof, the Z660 can provide reliable speed control solutions for drone applications including mapping, inspection, agriculture, security and other industries.

Widespread Applications

Takyon Z660 is compatible and reliable and is able to work stably under harsh environmental conditions. It can be used on drones for a wide range of industry applications including mapping, inspection, agriculture and security.

  • Construction
  • Smarter Farming
  • Powerline Inspection
  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Security Inspection
  • Disaster Assistance

Remarkable Reliability

A sealed case makes the IP67-rated Takyon Z660 dust and water resistant, ensuring steady operation even in extreme conditions. It meets the demands of professionals working in security, inspection and other industries. The high-grade anti-static design, anti-radiation and anti-jamming protection, ensures Takyon Z660’s stable and reliable performance.

Nano Coating

Power Recycling

The power Recycling function provides longer flight times and higher flexibility. Takyon Z660 will slow down the motor and recycling power when receiving deceleration commands, providing excellent dynamic response and increased energy efficiency.

Motor Stall Protection

Integrated locked-rotor protection prevents damage to motors in the event of a locked or blocked rotor. Takyon series ESCs constantly scan connected motors in real-time and will cut power if motors stall in order to protect the propulsion system from avoidable damage.

High Compatibility

Takyon series ESCs can be used on a wide range of square wave drive brushless motors including High KV motors through Flux observation and self-adaptive control technologies without manual tuning. Takyon series ESCs support high-speed throttle signals at frequencies up to 500Hz and OneShot125 for fast throttle responses.

Excellent Integration

A custom designed 32-bit DJI motor drive SOC working at frequencies of up to 100MHz integrates a power management system, main control and driving system, making Takyon series ESCs smaller in size but with higher performance. Takyon Z660 can support PWM of up to 48KHz. It comes with a crystal oscillator for accurate control and quick responses without the need for additional throttle range calibration.

More Feature

The included DJI Assistant 2 simplifies the processes of customizing how an aircraft flies. Set acceleration, timing, active braking, and throttle range according to the specifics of every need, or tune an aircraft for racing quickly and easily. DJI Assistant 2 can also be used for firmware updates, which bring new features and upgraded compatibility.
* Takyon ESC Updater required for parameter settings and firmware updates.

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