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DJI boldly enters a new domain with the Avinox Drive System for e-bikes. Designed with an unwavering commitment to technological excellence and uncompromising performance, Avinox empowers riders to tackle complex rides with ease.

Compact, High-Torque Drive Unit

Powerful drive, unfazed by any terrain. The palm-sized Avinox Drive Unit weighs just 2.52 kg (5.5 lbs), [2] yet it still delivers a powerful 105 N·m of torque. [3] This ensures abundant power when it's needed most, allowing riders to adapt seamlessly to even the most challenging scenarios.

105 N·m [3]

Max Continuous Torque

2.52 kg

Drive Unit Weight

850 W [3]

Peak Power

Small & Lightweight, Uncompromising Power

With an innovative compound planetary gearset, the gearbox's compact internal layout produces a high gear ratio within a minimal space. This allows for a revolutionary balance of Drive Unit size, weight, and power output, enabling both high torque and low weight for an Avinox-equipped bike.

Multiple Assist Modes, Customizable Riding

The Avinox Drive System features four riding assist modes: Auto, Eco, Trail, and Turbo, and a special Boost mode can be quickly activated for more challenging terrain. In Boost mode, riders can enjoy a max 30 seconds of 120N·m drive torque and an instantaneous max output of 1000 W, allowing for easier handling of complex conditions.

In addition, parameters such as assist level, max torque, start assist, and continued assist can be adjusted for each assist mode (with the exception of Boost mode) via the Avinox app, and changes can be synced to the system instantly.

Designed for broad adaptability and long-range use, the innovative Auto mode utilizes multi-sensor fusion to automatically and continuously adjust assistance based on riding resistance.
Made to efficiently enhance long-range riding, Eco mode features gradual start-up acceleration and lower assistance, so riders can easily tackle flat terrain while conserving battery energy.
Aimed at mixed technical trails, Trail mode provides moderate start-up acceleration and stronger assistance, enabling riders to effectively overcome terrain challenges.
Designed to assist with steep climbs, Turbo mode's aggressive start-up acceleration combined with maximum assistance, empowers riders to navigate challenging obstacles and terrain.
Boost mode offers up to 30 seconds of 120N·m drive torque and a max output of 1000 W, ideal for scenarios such as navigating challenging obstacles and complicated uphill climbs.

Intelligent Walk Assist

The Avinox Drive System is equipped with an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a wheel speed sensor, resulting in an intelligent walk assist with various support modes. Simply press and hold the down-arrow button on the Left Wireless Controller in any riding mode to activate this function.

Walk Assist
Auto Hold
Hill Start Assist
Stationary Shifting
The Drive Unit's high torque and responsiveness effectively reduce the difficulty of pushing the bike uphill, with significantly reduced jolting.
When the rider is pushing the bike, the bike can stop on a slope without rolling back, enhancing safety. Riders can now easily control bike balance with just one hand.
When starting on a slope, the Drive Unit provides additional torque to counteract gravity, enabling the rider to start easily on uphill terrain.
Supports fast shifting of gears, even when stationary. Multi-stage shifting can be achieved without repeated operations.

Light Batteries, Extended Range

The Avinox Drive System offers two battery options—600 Wh and 800 Wh. The batteries are lightweight and compact, which helps to keep overall bike weight low. They boast ultra-high energy density and large capacity, not only facilitating extended range, but also delivering the power required for effortless adaptation to dynamic conditions.


Provides 157km Riding Range [4]

3.74 kg [2]

800Wh Battery Weight


Provides 117km Riding Range [4]

2.87 kg [2]

600Wh Battery Weight

Both batteries feature an IP56 protection rating, and a battery health management system that supports self-discharge, real-time health assessments and alerts, and active voltage reduction. These help to extend battery life (batteries maintain 80% of initial capacity even after 500 charge cycles), [5] ensuring greater safety and durability.


GaN 3x Fast Charging, [1] Rapid Power Replenishment

Utilizing GaN fast charging technology with a max rate of 508W, the 800Wh battery can be charged from 0% to 75% in approximately 1.5 hours, [6] allowing for rapid recharges in a short time span. The fast charger is portable and can be easily carried in a frame bag.

Smart Touchscreen, Multi-Function Display

The Avinox Drive System features a 2-inch OLED full-color Control Display as the interactive hub, enabling connectivity between the Drive Unit and a mobile device via the Avinox app. Screen brightness reaches up to 800 nits and adjusts automatically. It features dustproof, water-resistant, and anti-glare capabilities, and even supports operation with wet fingers/hands. Even in strong sunlight or heavy rain, the screen remains clearly visible.

2 inches

Screen Size

800 nits

Max Screen Brightness

326 ppi

Screen Resolution

Customizable & Simple Interface

An e-bike with an integrated Avinox Drive System enables users to conveniently record their ride data. This system features an array of sensors that capture nearly 50 data points, allowing users to customize the contents on the Control Display via the Avinox app, including parameters like ride time, range, average speed, real-time power output, and more.

Wireless Controllers with Bluetooth Connectivity

DJI has developed innovative dual Wireless Controllers that support Bluetooth connection to the Control Display. This effectively reduces cable clutter and simplifies bike maintenance. These controllers also enable quick assist mode switches and access to more operations and faster commands.

Avinox App

The Avinox app connects to the bike via Bluetooth, enabling personalized riding data configuration, abnormal movement alerts, and other features.

Customizable Parameters

After connecting to the Avinox app, users can customize the parameters shown on the Control Display according to their riding preferences and scenarios. They can also adjust riding parameters directly on the mobile app as needed.

Bike Protection [7]


When the bike and a smartphone are connected via Bluetooth, users can activate a Phone Key to automatically unlock the bike according to proximity.

Additionally, the app's Bike Protection features [8] can send the user a push notification in the event of an abnormal bike movement, [9] helping users stay aware of the location and status of their bike.

Health Management System (HMS)


When detecting a malfunction in the drive system, an alert will be shown on the Control Display and a beep will sound to notify riders. Any error status can be checked, troubleshot, and resolved via app.

Certified Quality, Assured After-Sales

The components of the DJI Avinox Drive System have been certified by recognized testing laboratories such as TÜV SÜD, TÜV Rheinland, and UL Solutions, [10] passing a variety of safety and reliability tests.

DJI has established over 20 service centers worldwide, including in China, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the USA, Australia, and other countries and regions. This global service network provides customers with timely, efficient, and professional services, continuously safeguarding product quality.


Compatible Models

The Amflow PL all-terrain electric mountain bike is equipped with the DJI Avinox Drive System, synergizing hardware and software to revolutionize the eMTB riding experience with superior power, endurance, intelligent features, and assist algorithms.

‌Powerful and Compact E-Bike Drive System

DJI Avinox Drive System
  • High Torque, Compact Size
  • Lightweight Battery, Long Range
  • GaN 3x Fast Charging
  • DJI Smart-Assist Algorithm
  • Built-in Display, Smartphone Connectivity

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* All data on this page was tested in a controlled DJI laboratory environment. Actual experience may vary. For more details, refer to the product page on the official DJI website.

1. Provides two battery options—600 Wh and 800 Wh, and both support GaN fast charging. The charging speed of the 12A/508W fast charger is three times faster than that of a normal 4A/168W charger.

2. Data measured in a DJI laboratory. Product weight may vary due to material batches, measurement methods, manufacturing processes, etc. Refer to the actual product for precise data.

3. 105 N·m is the sustainable torque output of the DJI Avinox Drive Unit. The DJI Avinox Drive Unit has a rated power of 250 W.

4. The 157km and 117km ranges were measured on a paved, flat road with a rider weighing 80 kg riding the Amflow PL Carbon Pro (800Wh) and the Amflow PL Carbon Pro (600Wh), respectively, both in Eco mode at a cadence of 65 rpm, a speed of 21 kph, and the assistance settings on default.

5. After 500 full charge-discharge cycles (0% to 100% and back to 0% battery capacity) in a 25° C (77° F) laboratory environment, the battery can still maintain 80% of its initial capacity.

6. Time for charging from 0% to 75% in a 25° C (77° F) laboratory environment. This data is for reference only. Actual user experience may vary.

7. When the Avinox Drive System is offline and not being charged, it communicates with the Avinox app every 30 minutes to sync system status. As a result, bike location change alerts may arrive up to 30 minutes after an actual bike movement.

8. Once the bike has toggled on the Bike Protection features, the user must authorize remote unlocking through the Avinox app or enter a password on the Control Display to unlock the Avinox system.

9. Notifications from the Avinox app are effective only when the bike is connected via Bluetooth or a 4G network.‌ If Bluetooth is disconnected or a SIM card is not inserted into the bike, the app will be unable to send notifications.

10. The DJI Avinox Drive System is certified by TÜV SÜD, the batteries by UL Solutions, and the chargers by TÜV Rheinland.