DJI DeliveryHub

DJI DeliveryHub

One-Stop Air Delivery Management

DJI DeliveryHub is a one-stop air delivery management platform. It facilitates efficient operation planning, comprehensive operation status monitoring, centralized team resource management, and data collection and analysis.

Smart Task Planning and Execution

Remote Operation Planning
Safety Confirmation Prompt
Automatic Operations
Remotely create, schedule, and allocate tasks and devices.
After loading cargo, perform a systematic safety check before one-tap takeoff.
Drones follow planned routes and deliver cargo efficiently and intelligently.

Comprehensive Status Monitoring

Real-Time Sync Across Multiple Terminals

DJI DeliveryHub synchronizes and displays operation status on remote controllers, mobile devices, and computers. Share operation messages to teammates for efficient collaboration.

Centralized Team Resource Management

Route Planning and Management

Complex Route Planning
Automatic Calibration and Correction Prompt
Route Management
Plan complex flight routes quickly based on a 2.5D Base Map[1].
Receive automatic prompts about route viability and flight safety.
Import routes from multiple drone models and manage multiple routes in batches. Route data is synchronized between remote controllers through the cloud in real-time for improved operation efficiency.

Synchronized Location Management

Mark locations, allocate operation areas, and set and manage alternate landing sites using remote controllers, mobile devices, and computers. Locations are synchronized among multiple devices in real-time for efficient collaboration.

Location Linking

Associate commonly used locations with operators and routes for efficient regional operations.

Alternate Landing Site Management

Set and manage alternate landing sites for safe landing in case of an emergency.

Device Management and Maintenance

Monitor and manage fleet health status, maintenance information, and DJI Care status.

In-Depth Data Visualization

DJI DeliveryHub collects and displays data across device, route, and time, so you can evaluate efficiency and optimize future operations.

Data Security

Data Collection

DJI will not access any user data before the user grants DJI the permission to do so. You can grant or revoke the permission anytime in "Network Security Mode" or enable "Local Data Mode" to use your device completely offline.

Data Transmission and Storage

Full-link encryption effectively protects data from third-party hijacking. Sensitive information, such as email addresses, mobile numbers, and locations, is protected with additional AES-256-CBC encryption.

Clear All Device Data

You can choose to erase any data generated during your use of DJI devices. Using the DJI Pilot 2 app, you can clear the logs and cache on your device and the app, or restore the device to factory settings.

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1. 2.5D Base Map is a 2D map overlaid with elevation data.