Mission-Critical Flight Simplified

Enhance your drone operations with the DJI Ground Station Pro (DJI GS Pro), an iPad app. Conduct automated flight missions, manage flight data on the cloud, and collaborate across projects to efficiently run your drone program.


DJI-Introducing GS Pro

Import KML/SHP Files

To import KML/SHP files via a PC or Mac, open GS Pro, choose “File”, click “Start import”, and a prompt containing an IP address will show up. Enter the address into any browser installed on the PC or Mac, and choose “Upload Files” on the webpage. Users will find the file in GS Pro under the “File” folder when it’s been successfully uploaded. Users can also do this with an iPad by downloading KML/SHP files via Safari or email and following the instructions to import the files into GS Pro. If the files users import are in KMZ or ZIP format, GS Pro will decompress them automatically into GS Pro’s “File” folder.

Importing Geometries of a Target Building

Swipe the KML/SHP file you want to the left, and tap “Import”. GS Pro will automatically process the file and generate geometries in the “Map” folder.

Creating a Flight Mission

Swipe a task in “Map” folder to the left and tap “Create Mission”. Choose a mission type and a flight mission will be created automatically.


1. GS Pro supports KML, SHP, KMZ, and ZIP formats and automatically decompresses KMZ and ZIP files when importing from an iPad.
2. GS Pro can generate polygons, line strings, and points. Points cannot be used to create a flight mission, yet can be used as a reference for GCP (Ground Control Point) setup.3. Currently, WGS-84 is the only coordinate system supported by GS Pro.