Mission-Critical Flight Simplified

Enhance your drone operations with the DJI Ground Station Pro (DJI GS Pro), an iPad app. Conduct automated flight missions, manage flight data on the cloud, and collaborate across projects to efficiently run your drone program.


DJI-Introducing GS Pro

Import Photos

After taking the required amount of photos in PhotoMap mode, users will be prompted to import them into GS Pro. To import photos, users can either download them from the aircraft via DJI GS Pro or import the photos directly to the iPad first and then open in GS Pro. Due to slow download speeds, we suggest users use an iPad SD card reader if importing a large number of photos.

Create a Map

Tap a material in the Material list, enter the material editor and then choose the photos you will use to make the composite. Tap the Compose icon on the top right corner of the screen, initiating the process. When complete, a red dot will appear on the Map tab. Tap the Map tab, where you can see all your composed maps.

Manage the Map

Tap the Map list and choose a composed map for viewing. Swipe left to calibrate, pin, or delete the map.

Calibrate the Map

Due to positioning deviation during the flight mission and limited photo image quality, the composed 2D map will inevitably have a degree of bias. Calibration helps to compensate the bias by letting users mark three or more calibration points on the map, obtain their actual GPS locations and then calibrate the map in GS Pro. Generate a control point by tapping onscreen. After marking three or more control points, tap the Calibrate icon on the top right of the screen. Once complete, a calibrated map will appear.