“There’s a feeling in the desert you get that always makes you come back.”

Rediscovering the Desert

Jimmy spends most of his time traveling the world with big crews and expensive gear, but it’s on the more low-key trips where he’s able to rediscover his passion for the outdoors. Accompanied by long-time friend Steph Davis, he spent a day in Moab, Utah to climb and reconnect.

Preparing for the Journey

Carry Less, Capture More

As a professional cinematographer, Jimmy is inspired to create everywhere he goes. That makes it essential for him to have equipment that’s compact, easily-accessible, and capable of delivering results. Osmo Action lets you avoid heavy gear and long set-up times. It also lets you get the perfect shot in dynamic environments where windows of opportunity might open and close in the blink of an eye.

“I probably spend 200+ days per year traveling.”

Framing the Perfect Shot

Effortless Compositions

When hanging from the side of a mountain, you don’t always have five minutes to compose the perfect shot, you might only have five seconds. Osmo Action’s front screen lets Jimmy frame his shots quickly and more cinematically by eliminating the guesswork. This screen also allowed him to get more immersive and personal while telling stories.

Climbing the Mountain

Tough Enough for Adventure

Any gear that’s going along on a trip with Jimmy needs to be able to handle a few bumps. This trip included climbing and BASE jumping, and he even attached Osmo Action to an FPV drone to capture a more innovative and immersive perspective of the experience.

“I’ve always loved having simplicity in my life.”

BASE Jumping from the Top

Ultra-Smooth Footage

No one wants shaky footage of an otherwise incredible clip. RockSteady was used during this trip to ensure these heavy action shots were stable and usable.

Creating without Limits

Exceed Expectations

Size, durability, and versatility are great, but what matters most are results. The biggest reason Jimmy brings along Osmo Action is that he can count on stunning results every trip. A range of options like 4K/60, RockSteady, and the ability to shoot in D-Cinelike means you’ll capture moments exactly as you lived them.

“It’s got a lot of really easy-to-use features. That’s really important if you’re just going out for the day, to be focused on the climb.”

Are You Ready for Action?