The Mavic Pro Platinum features a sleek design and compact body that is both powerful and alluring. A new and improved 30-minute flight time coupled with 60% noise power reduction makes the Mavic Pro Platinum DJI’s best portable drone yet.

Enhanced Endurance, Quieter Flight

Aircraft noise has been reduced by up to 4dB* (60% noise power) and extended flight time to 30 minutes with new FOC sinusoidal driver ESCs and 8331 propellers for a quieter, more enjoyable flight experience.


Noise Reduction


Max Flight Time

Noise Comparison

Current Wave Comparison

Mavic Pro
Mavic Pro Platinum
With a brand-new aerodynamic design, the 8331 propellers give the Mavic Pro Platinum an impressive noise control performance, and the new FOC ESC drivers offer sinusoidal current for increased stability.


30-minute max flight time

4k camera

3-axis gimbal

Enhanced Endurance, Quieter Flight.

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*While indoors and within 3.28 ft (1 m) of the aircraft.