Clip On and Record
More Ways to Connect
Easy to Mount
Each transmitter has a convenient back-clip that can be easily attached to clothes and other objects.
When the clothes you're wearing aren't suitable for the back clip, the transmitters can also be attached via the clip magnets.
With the hot shoe adapter, attach the receiver to your DSLR camera, mirrorless camera, or smartphone bracket and capture flawless footage to match the audio.

Ultra-Long Battery Life

Looking for a system that can keep up with your content needs? Get a full day of audio recording with DJI Mic. Enjoy 5.5 hours [4] of battery life from the transmitters, 5 hours [4] from the receiver, and up to 15 hours with the charging case.

Lightning-Fast Pairing

Both the transmitters and the receiver will automatically pair as soon as you place them in the charging case. Simply complete the initial setup and be ready to record exceptional audio in seconds.

Safety Track
Multi-level Gain Control
Microphone Windscreen
A secondary audio track is recorded as a backup with a volume of -6 dB. This helps to safeguard your audio should the loss of sound be caused by problems such as distortion or clipping.
Adjust input and output sensitivity between -12dB ~ 12dB and find the perfect setting for your surrounding.
Effectively suppresses wind and noisy environments while still recording clear sound.

Elevated Audio On the Go

  • All-In-One, Ready to Use
  • 250m (820 ft.) Range
  • 15-Hour Battery
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • OLED Touchscreen
  • 14-Hour Recording
From USD $159

1. Measured with FCC compliance in an unobstructed environment without interference (160 m under CE).
2. Not supported by DJI Mic (1 TX + 1 R X), which does not include the charging case.
3. Tested with a 48,000Hz sampling rate and 24-bit mono WAV audio format.
4. Tested with 2 transmitters connected to the receiver, without backup recording, and the receiver connected to a camera.