Designed for reliability and upgradability

DJI’s latest generation of the NAZA series, the N3 flight controller, is tailor-made for a multitude of hobbyist and industrial applications. Its robust flight control algorithm is ideal for controlling a broad range of industrial and DIY multirotor aircraft, providing professional stability.

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System-level Solution

The N3 flight controller is compatible with professional remote controllers and receivers, DJI’s Intelligent ESC, DJI GO, Lightbridge 2, iOSD. It also integrates seamlessly with DJI’s Zenmuse series of gimbals and cameras, providing instant access to a whole host of flight applications. Compatibility with DJI Assistant 2 provides more possibilities for a multitude of industrial applications. With DJI’s Onboard and Mobile SDK, the N3 is ideal for hobbyists and professionals looking to create custom software solutions quickly and easily.


Ground Station

Lightbridge 2
Ronin-MX &
Zenmuse Series
DJI Intelligent ESC
Smart Battery

Dual Redundant IMUs

8GB Industry Black Box

Vibration Dampening System

Dual IMU Redundancy and Built-in Black Box

Dual IMU redundancy means that the N3’s robust flight control algorithm detects IMU failure during flight, automatically switching over to a backup unit while maintaining flight control and safety at all times. The N3’s outstanding vibration dampening system supports a wide range of flying platforms — from lightweight consumer drones made for racing, to heavier industrial drones such as the S1000+ — providing better flight performance and better reliability.A built-in 8GB Industry Black Box automatically records every detail of the aircraft’s flight, enabling you to monitor flight data and fine-tune the aircraft in real-time. With DJI’s Assistant 2 data viewer, troubleshooting and flight performance analysis have never been easier.

Expandable Navigation Module

The dual IMU redundancy system is upgradeable via the A3 Upgrade Kit, creating an IMU and GNSS redundant frame, boosting overall stability and reliability. It detects external GNSS or IMU unit failure, switching to internal units seamlessly to ensure consistently high-performance and safety.

SDK Compatibility, More Possibilities

Compatibility with DJI’s Onboard and Mobile SDK means the N3 is ideal for hobbyists and professionals looking to create custom software solutions with ease. The N3 works with DJI Assistant 2, providing more possibilities for a host of industrial applications.

  • Sport Mode

    When in Sport Mode, the N3 can fly aircraft at a maximum attitude angle of up to 45°, displaying flexible control for the ultimate thrill of flying at speed.

  • Adjustable Mobility

    Aircraft maneuverability is maximized in Sport Mode and can be adjusted manually in GPS and Attitude mode. Parameters such as maximum attitude angle, ascending or descending speed, angular velocity and so on, can be easily adjusted via DJI’s Assistant 2.

  • EXP

    Remote controller stick sensitivity can be adjusted easily using the EXP Curve.

  • Precision Fault-Tolerant Controls

    The N3’s robust control algorithm enables it to adapt to a wide range of aircraft without the need for manual adjustment. With a fault-tolerant control system, a hexacopter or octocopter can stabilize its attitude and land safely, even in the event of propulsion system failure.

  • Propulsion Protection

    Propulsion levels are monitored in real-time so that flight conditions such as, hovering, max altitude and max yaw angular rate are adjusted accordingly, conserving propulsion and power.

  • Installation Inspection

    Additionally, the N3 will automatically inspect and assess whether motors and other physical attributes have been attached to the aircraft correctly.

  • Optimized Altitude Stabilization

    The IMU Fusion Algorithm enhances aerial performance further with better height control. When braking fast or encountering a sudden wind change, the IMU Fusion Algorithm reduces the airflow effect, reducing height drop.

  • Reduced Magnetic Interference

    The N3’s IMU Fusion Algorithm is now better equipped to deal with magnetic interference, reducing magnetic drift.

Software Support

Compatibility with DJI GO and DJI Assistant 2 allows live viewing of the video feed, battery status, redundancy status, signal strength and more.Shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and focus can be controlled when using DJI’s Zenmuse X5 and X5R cameras.