Tello App

Tello App can experience more flight modes of Tello, with real-time image-transmission interface and camera,video-recording functions, which can easily experience the fun of aerial-photography. Tello app can also set the parameters of the drone, upgrade the firmware and calibrate the drone. Therefore, the Tello app is an essential software for using the Tello.



TELLO EDU App adds building block mode, formation mode and remote control mode to control the drone. The control method of the remote control mode is similar to that of the TELLO App, but the function is simpler; the building block mode allows you to use the building block programming to control the drone, which is convenient for easy learning programming anytime, anywhere. Increase the fun of the TELLO, and there are also many interesting levels to experience.

Softwares & Drivers

Arduino IDE

Arduino IDErequires Windows 7 64 bit or higher.
RMTT_ LIBS Arduino open-source support libraries project address:

DJI Education Hub

DJI EDU Hub is an excellent solution for the practice and teaching of Science and Technology Education by deeply combining DJI eries robots and providing full-process auxiliary tools for teaching scenes.

Mind+ Graphical and Code programming Software

Mind+ App supports real-time control and extended programming functions.Requires windows7 or later.