Basic product use
RoboMaster TT is a brand new education drone customized based on Tello EDU. After being launched, RoboMaster TT will be used with other RoboMaster-series products, including RoboMaster S1 and RoboMaster EP, to empower basic science and technology education and provide education solutions for schools and institutions.
Yes. RoboMaster TT has a built-in ESP32 chip, which provides the Arduino and Micro Python open source programming environments, and supports the Arduino, Micro Python, graphical programming, and multiple offline programming methods. It creates an open source flying hardware platform for students and teachers that makes it convenient for students to learn embedded programming and develop various applications of aerial robots.
Yes. RoboMaster TT provides the 2×7-pin 2.54-mm in-line package interface, supports the I2C, SPI, UART, and GPIO programming protocols, and provides the 5-V/3.3-V power supply. With this board, you can easily add and debug new sensors for more creative ideas.
Yes. You must purchase the RoboMaster TT extension kit for the upgrade.
Most structural modules such as the propeller blades, propeller blade protector, and battery can be used on both RoboMaster TT and Tello EDU.
Photos or videos taken by RoboMaster TT are stored in the photo album on the mobile phone, and you can export them from the mobile phone.
The sensor is a 1/5" CMOS. The resolution is 2592×1936 (5 MP) for photos and 1280×720P for videos. The frame rate is 30 fps.
Photo format: Tello app for Android: For V1.2.14.01 and later versions of the app, the photo format is PNG. For other versions, the photo format is JPG. Tello app for iOS: JPG format Video format: MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
Extension module
The ToF ranging accuracy is 2 cm.
1.2 m (facing the indoor white wall)
You can use the board to connect third-party modules based on the interface definitions to realize more functions. For example, if the board is connected to the external frame sensor, the drone will generate an alarm after detecting flames.
If the upgrade fails, try to upgrade again. You can use the app to connect the RoboMaster TT drone and upgrade RoboMaster TT again. To upgrade an open source controller again, use RM Assistant.
To upgrade the RoboMaster TT drone, remove the extension module, restart the drone, and use the Tello app to upgrade. RM Assistant cannot be used to upgrade the drone. To upgrade an open source controller of RoboMaster TT, use RM Assistant that is available on the DJI education platform.
Software function
RoboMaster TT supports both the Tello and Tello EDU apps. You can use the Tello app to conveniently perform aerial photography, or use the Tello EDU app to learn programming, anytime, anywhere. However, the two apps cannot be used at the same time. Before switching between the Tello and Tello EDU apps, you must stop the app that is running in the background, and restart the RoboMaster TT drone.
Most functions of the Tello EDU app are free of charge, except some game levels.
The Tello EDU app is provided by Wistron (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. If you have any questions about the Tello EDU app, call the Wistron customer service hotline at +86-021-6495-6371, or send an email to stem_wsh@wistron.com.
Customer service information for MindPlus-related problems: China: Email: MindPlus@dfrobot.com, tel: +86-21-6162-0183 with extension 621 or 625 Other countries or regions: Email: MindPlus@dfrobot.com Office hours: 09:00 a.m to 18:00 p.m (Beijing time), Monday to Friday
Currently, Tello supports the GameSir T1D controller of the custom edition.
RoboMaster TT supports a variety of programming languages, including graphical programming, Python, Micropython, and Arduino. It also provides the open plain-text SDK.
You can use the Tello app, Tello EDU app, or Mind+ software to directly control the drone. Also, you can connect the drone to the Bluetooth controller, or use the SDK to control the drone.
Currently, RoboMaster TT supports 8-direction flips, the bounce mode, and the one-click takeoff function.
RoboMaster TT can fly safely indoors, but its flight performance is optimal when it flies in an windless outdoor environment.
When RoboMaster TT is equipped with an open source controller and uses the Wi-Fi connection for the flight, the theoretical flight distance is 100 meters, but the actual distance may vary with the actual environment. When the Bluetooth controller is used to control RoboMaster TT (that is, the app is not used), the theoretical flight distance of the drone is 15 meters.
You can use the tool in the propeller blade package to easily replace the propeller blades.
You can distinguish the CW and CCW propeller blades based on the convex grooves on the propeller blades and close to the motor. The propeller blade without the convex groove is a CCW propeller blade, and the one with the convex groove is a CW propeller blade. The propeller blades must be installed according to the fixed sequence and positions. For details about the disassembly method and sequence, see the user manual.
The drone has an IMU and a barometer TT, but no compass and GPS module.
The height limit is 30 meters. In the app, you can set the flight height limit to a value from 2 to 30 meters.
No. It is unnecessary and impossible to install an SD card on the drone. When you use the Tello app to take photos or videos, the photos or videos you take are directly stored on your mobile device.
The maximum takeoff altitude is 1,000 meters. If the altitude of the drone exceeds 1,000 meters, the performance of the battery and power system will be degraded due to environmental factors, and the flight performance will be affected.
You can charge RoboMaster TT through the Micro USB port, or use the charging hub to charge up to three batteries simultaneously.
No. Hot plugging is not recommended. Otherwise, the last taken photos or videos will be lost.
Yes. Always turn off RoboMaster TT before connecting the USB charger. The drone cannot be charged when it is on.
If you will not use the battery for more than 10 days, check that its remaining capacity is 30% to 60%. This helps maximize the battery life.
The charging hub charges batteries in the descending order of remaining battery capacity, which saves the trouble of replacing batteries halfway.
The maximum flight time of RoboMaster TT is 13 minutes, which is measured as RoboMaster TT, without extension modules, flying at a constant speed, without wind, and at sea level. When extension modules (including the open source controller and ranging dot-matrix screen) are installed on RoboMaster TT and the drone is flown at a constant speed, without wind and at sea level, the maximum flight time measured is 8 minutes.
The battery cannot be upgraded. Upgrading the drone firmware does not involve the battery.
Product service and supporting material
Learning courses and educational courseware for this product are available at DJI Education Hub. For paid courses, contact your local dealer.
Learning courses and educational courseware for this product are available at DJI Education Hub. For paid courses, contact your local dealer. With these materials, teachers can conduct educational activities efficiently. In addition, the Tello EDU app provides rich teaching resources to help beginners with zero programming background get started quickly.
To buy accessories, visit https://www.dji.com/kr/robomaster-tt#contact-us, complete the form, and then our personnel will contact you. Alternatively, you can contact your local dealer.
We recommend that this product be used for educational activities in primary and secondary schools. It can also be used for higher education.
DJI provides teaching courses and teacher training services. For details about our training arrangements, see the latest updates on the DJI official website. Alternatively, follow the WeChat public account of DJI Education for latest news.
For educational institutions and business cooperation, click "Buy Now" in the upper-right corner, and complete the form to consult with DJI Education.
We encourage more teachers to develop innovations to teaching and education applications, provide new teaching design cases and inventive gameplay, and integrate them with the content ecology of DJI education. We will constantly carry out activities such as teacher training. For details about the specific agenda and content, follow the WeChat public account or customer service account of DJI Education: rmyouthsaiwu.