DJI Care Pro
DJI Care Pro is specially created to provide comprehensive protection for high-end DJI imaging equipment, allowing you to use with peace of mind.

DJI Care Pro provides the following tailor-made and comprehensive services:

Service Details Service Period Service Times

Product Accidental Damage (hereinafter “Free Repair within Coverage Limit”)


For accidental damage to DJI products during their normal use within the coverage period of DJI Care Pro, you are entitled to free repair services to the extent of the coverage in the form of reduction of the coverage limit.

The repair and labor costs incurred within the coverage limit* will be borne by DJI.

*See Question 8 for details about the coverage limit.

24 months Unlimited within the scope of warranty
Factory Maintenance Service

During the coverage period, you can enjoy free factory maintenance service twice, including: basic, inspections upgrades, calibration, deep cleaning, and easily-worn-part replacement, and provision of official maintenance report.

*Please click here to see the specific rules.

24 months Twice
Service Extension Rewards

When DJI Care Pro expires, you can buy DJI Care Pro + or redeem extended warranty with the remaining coverage limit of DJI Care Pro at a discount according to certain rules.

*Please click here to see the specific rules.

24 months Once
DJI's official warranty refers to the free repair services provided by DJI when a quality issue occurs during the warranty period. Users who purchase DJI products are entitled to this service where applicable.
DJI Care Pro means that you may have free repair services within the scope of your warranty by deducting the amount required for any accidental damage to the equipment during normal use, and that you are also entitled to the factory maintenance service, and reward service upon expiration.

If you purchase DJI Care Pro and the product is replaced due to quality issues during the warranty period, your DJI Care Pro quota will not be deducted for this repair.
At the moment, DJI Care Pro is only available to customers in the U.S., Canada, EU countries, the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Mainland China.
You can check whether DJI Care Pro is available in your country on the DJI Online Store.To ensure that you can enjoy the services normally, DJI Care Pro and the corresponding product must be purchased from the same country or region.
DJI Care Pro can be bound to your DJI product when it meets one of the following criteria:
· Brand new and un-activated product;

· Handheld device activated within the last 30 days;

If the product does not meet the above conditions, please contact DJI Supportand send the product back . DJI Care Pro can be purchased within 72 hours after the verification is passed and you receive a purchasing notice.
1. Purchase DJI products with DJI Care Pro together at DJI Online Store;

2. Go to DJI Online Store - Service - DJI Care Pro and input the serial number of your product to purchase DJI Care Pro.

3. Go to an official flagship store or an authorized store to purchase a DJI Care Pro activation code. After purchasing, please follow the instructions to bind DJI Care Pro.
· The validity period of services provided by DJI Care Pro shall be valid for 24 months, starting from 00:00 on the date stated in the service agreement;

The date stated in the service agreement depends on the purchase and binding method of DJI Care Pro:

· When DJI Care Pro is purchased together with a DJI product on DJI Store, the date stated in the service agreement will be the activation date of the product.
· The date stated in the service agreement is the day of purchase when DJI Care Pro is purchased separately on DJI Online Store.
· The date stated in the service agreement is the day of binding when DJI Care Pro is bound through the DJI Care Pro activation code.
DJI Ronin 4D series: Main body, gimbal and camera, base plate, LiDAR Range Finder, hand grips (with extended control sticks), High-Bright Main Monitor, TB50 Battery Mount, TB50 Intelligent Battery, PROSSD 1TB*, and PROSSD Mount;*
* The PROSSD 1TB and PROSSD Mount are only covered by the Free Repair within Coverage Limit service for the DJI Ronin 4D-8K combo. If you have purchased the DJI Ronin 4D-6K combo, the Free Repair within Coverage Limit service will not cover the PROSSD 1TB or PROSSD Mount since these components are not included with your product.
The coverage limit equals to the market-guided retail price (the price without additional accessories other than promotional price). If the market-guided retail price of the product does not accord with the insured amount shown on the DJI Care sales page, the coverage limit, that is, the amount as set out in the Service Agreement you received, shall prevail.
In any case, the repair costs borne by DJI Care Pro shall not exceed the coverage limit as set out in your Service Agreement . The proportion of repair costs in excess of the coverage limit shall be borne by you.
If the serial number changes during repair, it will be updated on the system and this will not have any effect on future services. The coverage period will not be recalculated and will remain subject to your service agreement.
You may use the free repair services at any officially authorized DJI Care Pro service center globally. The governing rules and the service terms and conditions are subject to the country or region in which you apply for DJI Care Pro.
If your DJI product is returned in accordance with DJI's official return policy, you may request to exit DJI Care Pro. If your DJI product is not returned, you cannot exit DJI Care Pro separately.
DJI Care Pro cannot be transferred.
The determination rules are based on the country or region where you apply for the DJI Care Pro service.
The DJI Care Pro service cannot be used in conjunction with another one. Each DJI product can only be linked to the DJI Care Pro service once. DO NOT purchase DJI Care Pro for your products repeatedly.
Currently, DJI Care Pro does not support the warranty renewal. Please check out the official DJI website for availability of DJI Care Pro+.
Supported Product
DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 6K Combo
DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 8K Combo
DJI Care Pro

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