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Remote Controller
Remote Controller
Image Transmission
Image Transmission


Does the M2EA support swappable cameras? Can I swap the camera for the one from the M2E Series drones?
Camera swapping is currently not supported.
When the M2EA is on a waypoint mission, mapping mission, or oblique mission, will the thermal camera take images as well?
Yes. Two types of images (visual and thermal) will be stored on the Photo album during these missions.
What's the difference between the M2EA and the M2ED?
The M2EA is optimized for quick deployment in a variety of industrial applications. The thermal resolution has been improved to 640×512 px, and the resolution of the visual camera is 4 times better than the M2ED. In addition to the new RTK module, the flight performance and waypoint missions features have also been optimized in the M2EA.
Is the M2EA waterproof?
It is not. Please do not fly in the rain.
Can the M2EA detect obstacles on the left and right?
The lateral vision systems (left and right) are only available in Tripod mode. Pay attention to the surrounding environment and obstacles when flying laterally in P-mode, S-mode, and A-mode.
How can the M2EA, M2E, and M2ED be distinguished based on appearance?
The three products can be distinguished by the appearance of the gimbal and camera:
1). The M2EA is mounted with a thermal camera and visual camera, and the two cameras are mounted from up to down.
2). The M2ED is mounted with a thermal camera and visual camera, and the two cameras are mounted from left to right.
3). The M2E is mounted only with a visual camera.
Additionally, only the M2EA can use the RTK module.
What flight modes does the M2EA support?
The M2EA supports four flight modes: P-mode (Positioning), S-mode (Sport), T-mode (Tripod), and ATTI mode. The flight modes can be switched between manually.

Remote Controller

Can the remote controller for the M2EA be used for the M2E or M2ED?
Yes. The DJI Smart Controller is compatible with all three models.

Image Transmission

What is the maximum image transmission distance of the M2EA?
The M2EA offers a maximum transmission range of 10 km (FCC) with OcuSync 2.0.


Which accessories from the M2E Series are compatible with the M2EA?
The speaker, spotlight, beacon, extended port cover, accessory bag, propellers, chargers, and charging station can be used for the M2E Series.
With the RTK module installed, does the M2EA still fit into the storage case?
Is the M2EA's RTK module compatible with the M2E and M2ED?
The RTK module is only compatible with the M2EA, and does not support the use with the M2E or M2ED.
Is PPK supported on the M2EA?
Can the M2EA be used with the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station for the Phantom 4 RTK or for the Matrice Series?
The M2EA is currently not compatible with the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station. Please connect to an NTRIP network.


Which app is the M2EA compatible with?
DJI Pilot (Android version) and third-party apps developed using the DJI MSDK.
Can I measure the temperature on thermal images taken using the M2EA in post-processing?
Yes, post-processing tempreture measurement is supported in the DJI Thermal Analysis Tool.
How many waypoints can I set in a mission?
With optimizations made on waypoint missions, you can set up to 240 waypoints in each mission.
Will the M2EA support the iOS version of DJI Pilot?
Can I add a timestamp watermark to the photos taken by the M2EA?
Yes, this is supported in the visible light photos only.
How do I run a firmware upgrade on the M2EA?
1. Connect to a computer and use DJI Assistante 2 For Mavic to upgrade the firmware for the aircraft and the remote controller;
2. Run the upgrades on the DJI Pilot App.
Does FlightHub support the M2EA?
Can I use the M2EA for 3D modeling?
The M2EA is designed primarily for use in public safety, firefighting, search and rescue, power line inspection, and building inspection. We recommend using the Phantom 4 RTK or Matrice 300 RTK with surveying payload cameras for 3D modeling missions and surveying applications.


What SDK functions does the M2EA support?
Only the Mobile SDK is supported.

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