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What is DJI Care Refresh?

DJI Care Refresh is an after-sales service plan launched by DJI, which provides you with efficient, flexible, and optional accidental damage protection solutions, allowing you to enjoy your DJI product with greater peace of mind wherever you go.

DJI Care Refresh Series service includes the following two service plans, which you can choose according to your needs. For details, please refer to the Terms of Service:

Service Supported Product 1-Year Plan 2-Year Plan

Product Replacement

If damage or a flyaway scenario occurs to the product during normal use or from an accident, after completing the replacement service process, you can obtain a functional product from DJI.

* Including paying an additional replacement fee; please click here to see the replacement fee.


For damage: All models

For flyaway, please click here to see the detail

Two replacements in one year

* Usable once for flyaway

Four replacements in two years

* Usable twice for flyaway

Official Warranty

Free repair service is provided by DJI if the covered parts are malfunctioning due to non-user error while DJI Care Refresh is within the validity period. Please refer to the Terms of Service for specific coverage parts.

All models Covered parts are eligible for official warranty when 1-Year Plan is within the validity period.
Covered parts are eligible for official warranty when 2-Year Plan is within the validity period.

Exclusive Repair Discounts

If the main products or accessories are damaged during normal use or due to accidents, both the product and the accessories sent along for repairing are entitled to exclusive discounts within a certain quota. 

DJI Mavic 3, DJI Mavic 3 Cine Twice a year Three times in two years

Factory Maintenance

DJI repair services offer factory maintenance covering basic inspections, upgrades, calibrations, cleaning, and easily-worn part replacement to keep your aircraft in excellent condition.

DJI Mavic 3, DJI Mavic 3 Cine Once a year Twice in two years


* Rewards for Safe Use provided for first purchase: If the DJI product has not used a replacement service during the term of validity of DJI Care Refresh purchased for the first time, an additional 1-year extended warranty service will be provided for your product after the current DJI Care Refresh expires. Supported product: Osmo Action 4, DJI Mini 4K, DJI Air 3, DJI Mavic 3 Pro, DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine, DJI Mini 2 SE, DJI RS 3 Mini, DJI Mini 3, DJI Mavic 3 Classic, Osmo Mobile 6, Osmo Mobile SE, Osmo Action 3, DJI Avata, DJI RS 3, DJI RS 3 Pro, DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mavic 3, DJI Mavic 3 Cine, DJI Action 2

* During the transition period of new and old packaging, the services displayed on the package may not be updated. After binding and activating the physical card of DJI Care Refresh, users can enjoy the upgrade benefits. Please refer to the DJI official website for the most up-to-date content of benefits.


Under what conditions can I purchase DJI Care Refresh?

① First Purchase: The service plan can be purchased if the product meets one of the following criteria
      · Brand new and un-activated product;
      · Aircraft product activated within 48 hours;
      · Handheld product activated within the last 30 days;

If the product does not meet the above conditions, please apply for video verification or contact DJI Support to send the product back. DJI Care Refresh can be purchased within 72 hours of receiving the purchasing notice.

② Renewal: Renew DJI Care Refresh (1 -Year Plan) only if meeting all the criteria
      · DJI Care Refresh is purchased and one of the following criteria is met:  
          -DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) has already been purchased.  
          -DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan) has already been purchased.  
          -DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) and DJI Care Refresh + have been purchased.    
          -DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) has been purchased and the 1-Year Plan is renewed.  
      · DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) purchased has not yet expired or expired within 15 days.  

Different device models have varying durations for the renewal of DJI Care Refresh. Please refer to the actual purchase information on DJI Store for the specific number of available renewals. On the purchase page of DJI Store, enter the device's serial number (SN). If "The purchase limit of the service plan for the product S/N you entered has been reached, and additional purchase is not available." is displayed, it indicates that the SN is not eligible for DJI Care Refresh renewal.

Where is DJI Care Refresh available?
At the moment, DJI Care Refresh is only available to customers in the U.S., Canada, Macao, EU countries, the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Mainland China.
You can check whether DJI Care Refresh is available in your country on the DJI Online Store.To ensure that you can enjoy the services normally, DJI Care Refresh and the corresponding product must be purchased from the same country or region.
How do I purchase DJI Care Refresh?
1. Purchase DJI products with DJI Care Refresh together at DJI Online Store;

2. Go to DJI Online Store - Service - DJI Care Refresh and input the serial number of your product to purchase DJI Care Refresh.

3. Go to an official flagship store or an authorized store to purchase a DJI Care Refresh activation code. After purchasing, please follow the instructions to bind DJI Care Refresh.
Does DJI Care Refresh support international coverage?
Currently, DJI Care Refresh provides international coverage to DJI RS 4, DJI RS 4 Pro, Osmo Pocket 3, Osmo Action 4, DJI RS 3 Mini, Osmo Mobile 6, Osmo Mobile SE, Osmo Action 3, DJI Action 2, DJI OM 4, DJI OM4 SE, DJI OM 5, DJI RS 2, DJI RSC 2, DJI RS 3, DJI RS 3 Pro and DJI Pocket 2.
For the supported products which purchased from DJI official stores or any other authorized channels with a valid proof of purchase, you can enjoy replacement and warranty services, as well as the extended warranty service included in a DJI Care Refresh (2-Year) plan, at any DJI official or authorized repair centers that could provide DJI Care Refresh services once they confirmed your claim had met the service conditions. For more details, please contact DJI Support.
* For other non-supported products, DJI Care Refresh Service is only available in the country or region where the DJI Care Refresh was purchased.
What are the account binding and remote controller binding functions required for the DJI Care Refresh flyaway replacement service?
To make sure that your aircraft can use the flyaway replacement service, the DJI account needs to be bound with the aircaft, and the remote controller bound with the aircraft.

· Binding an aircraft with an DJI account means the owner of the account has ownership of the aircraft.
· Binding the aircraft with the remote controller records the linking relationship between the aircraft and the remote controller.

If a flyaway occurs, only the owner of the bound account can apply for the flyaway replacement service and produce the flyaway report with the bound remote controller to mark the aircraft as a flyaway.

Therefore, in order to use the flyaway replacement service on your products, please be sure to go to [Profile] - [Device Management] in the app to bind your app account with the aircraft in advance, and also to bind the remote controller with the aircraft.
The flyaway replacement service cannot be used if the flyaway aircraft was not bound with the account and remote controller, or if the account or remote controller was unbounded before the flyaway occurred.