Maximum flight altitude: 30 meters (Interim Provisions on UAV Flight Management (draft for comment)).
Maximum communication range: 5,000 m (measured at a flight altitude of 2.5 m).
Maximum flight speed: 10 m/s; maximum operational flight speed: 7 m/s.
Hovering time: 19 minutes (at a takeoff weight of 16 kg); 8.7 minutes (at a takeoff weight of 26 kg).
The drone can spray 15 acres per hour on average (with a dosage of 4.8 L/acre, spraying width of 5 m, speed of 5 m/s, and height of 2m).
T10 is equipped with a replaceable pesticide tank and batteries.
T10 comes with a front and rear dual-channel real-time image monitoring system for
safer flight.
T10 is equipped with spherical omnidirectional obstacle avoidance radar, which supports omnidirectional obstacle avoidance in the horizontal and overhead directions and terrain adaptation and altitude maintenance functions in the downward direction.
T10 provides IP67 water-resistance.
T10 comes standard with the RTK high-precision positioning system that is precise to the centimeter.
You can use one remote control for up to three drones.
The user only needs to open the package and activate the drone. No assembly is required.
The drone can be quickly folded to 30% of its original size.
Yes. With sensors mounted on its arms, T10 can detect whether its arms are extended and locked in place, improving its safety during use.
At least 10 meters.
Spraying system
The full capacity of the operating tank is 8L. It can be quickly removed and replaced.
2 - 4.5 kg/cm².
T10 supports the following nozzle models:
SX11001VS (Standard)
SX110015VS (Optional)
XR11002VS (Optional)
Four groups of independent solenoid valves enable automatic air discharge with one button.
The dual-channel electromagnetic flowmeter allows precise flow control for each pipe.
1. It supports omnidirectional obstacle avoidance in the horizontal and overhead directions.
2. It supports automatic obstacle avoidance in the horizontal direction.
3. It supports precise height maintenance in the downward direction for terrain adaptation during flight.
T10 omnidirectional digital radar is exchangeable with that of T30, but not T20 or T16.
T10 will start to decelerate when its radar detects an obstacle with a diameter above 1 cm that is 15 meters away. Then, it will start to detour around the obstacle when it is about 6 meters away, or hover with Tip of the blade about 2.5 meters away from the obstacle.
The upward-looking radar can detect obstacles above the drone in real time and hover precisely to avoid obstacles when rising.
Perceivable distance: 1.5 -10 meters.
Yes. Users can set the obstacle avoidance sensitivity in the app based on their actual needs.
Fruit Tree mode
Yes. After the orthoimage of the operation area is obtained with the Phantom 4 RTK, perform 3D mapping of the operation area with DJI Terra, which supports the Fruit Tree mode. After the operation area is selected, the AI system will automatically identify the properties of crops and obstacles in the area and automatically generate a 3D operation route with six optional route planning and spraying combinations. After downloading the 3D route, the agricultural drone can carry out the operation.
Fruit Tree mode not only allows normal operation in flat orchards, but also applies to the operations in mountainous areas and slopes with large changes in height, such as tea plantations, orange orchards, and peach orchards located in mountainous regions.
DJI Terra requires Windows 7 or later (64-bit).
Battery and charger
T10's smart flight battery cannot be used on other drones, but the batteries of T20 and T16 can be used on T10.
T10 smart flight battery is warrantied for 1,000 cycles, with charging/discharging of at least 75% counted as one cycle.
It cannot charge T30 batteries.
It can charge the batteries of T20 and T16.
It can fully charge a battery in 7-10 minutes. The smart charge manager dynamically adjusts the charging power based on the environment, so the actual charging time will vary.
Variable-frequency charging station
It can fully charge a battery in 7-10 minutes. The variable-frequency charging station adjusts the charging power dynamically based on the environment, so the actual charging time will vary.
92# gasoline is recommended.
It supports 220V AC output with a maximum power of 300W.
It cannot charge T30 smart flight battery,
but it can charge the smart flight batteries of T20, T16, and T10.
Yes (connection to the smart flight battery is required).
For a cycle operation charge, about 0.3 L of fuel is needed to charge one T10 smart flight battery.
*Charging from 30% to 95%
Spreading system
It supports T30 and T10, which are equipped with 35L and 12L tanks, respectively.
Solid dry particles with a diameter of 0.5-5 mm can be distributed.
The Spreading System 3.0 has IP67 water-resistance and improved resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
Compared to the Spreading System 2.0, the maximum bin opening area of the Spreading System 3.0 has increased by 38% (from 32.3cm² to 44.6cm²).
In Spreading System 3.0, the structure and algorithm of Tank empty detection device were optimized to improve the detection accuracy and timeliness.
Remote Control
The remote control supports both internal and external batteries and can operate 2 hours with the former and another 2 hours with the latter.
The remote control of T10 is exchangeable with that of T30, but not with those of T20 and T16.
Yes. The external RTK high-precision positioning module provides the remote control with high-precision positioning information precise to the centime meter. This allows accurate work planning and improves operation efficiency and flight safety.
T10 remote control has a protective case for the external battery, and the keys are dust-proof for better protection.
Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform
Yes. Farm scenarios and the fruit tree scenarios can be reconstructed in the smart agriculture cloud platform. Please go to the official website for news about the launch time.
Yes. The multispectral photos can be reconstructed in the smart agriculture cloud platform. Please go to the official website for news about the launch time.
Yes, route planning can be performed on your mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer.