Watch the T16 Introduction Video

Watch the T16 Introduction Video

Revolutionized Structure. Reliable Operation.

The all-new modular design of the T16 simplifies assembly and accelerates daily maintenance. An IP67 rating provides reliable protection for key components of the drone. A light, yet durable airframe is made of carbon fiber composites and can be quickly folded to 25% of its original size, making it easy for transportation. Both the battery and spray tank are easily swappable, significantly improving the efficiency of power and liquid supply.

Higher Payload. Enhanced Efficiency.

Supported by its outstanding flight performance, the T16 spray tank can carry up to 16 L, and the spray width has increased to 6.5 m. The spraying system has 4 delivery pumps and 8 sprinklers with a maximum spray rate of 4.8 L/min. The T16 can spray 24.7 acres (10 hectares) [1] per hour. The spraying system also has an all-new electromagnetic flow meter, providing higher precision and stability than conventional flow meters.

Spray Tank Volume


Spray Width


Spray Rate


Hourly Operation Efficiency

10 hectares
6 hectares

Powerful System. Increased Safety.

The all-new modular aerial-electronics system in the T16 has dual IMUs and barometers and adopts a propulsion signal redundancy design to ensure flight safety. The GNSS+RTK dual-redundancy system supports centimeter-level positioning. It also supports dual-antenna technology that provides strong resistance against magnetic interference.

Dual IMUsGNSS+RTK Dual RedundancyDual Barometers

Upgraded Radar. Easier Operation.

The T16’s upgraded radar system can sense the operating environment during the day or at night, without being affected by light or dust. It has greatly improved flight safety with forward and backward obstacle avoidance and a horizontal FOV (field of view) of 100°, double that of previous DJI agricultural drones. It can also detect the angle of a slope and adjust to it automatically even in mountainous terrain. This innovative radar system adopts Digital Beam Forming (DBF) technology, which supports 3D point cloud imaging that effectively senses the environment and helps to circumvent obstacles.

( T16 models sold in Thailand are not equipped with the DBF imaging radar.)

*DBF Imaging Radar: 3D Point Cloud Imaging

Remote Control. Safety with Vision.

The T16 supports OcuSync 2.0 HD transmission technology which extends its control range to up to 3 km. [2] It also has a wide-angle FPV camera and spotlights that can monitor aircraft operation during the day and at night to ensure flight safety.

Different Needs. Different Modes.

The T16 provides different modes for flat ground, mountains, and orchards, to meet most operational needs. Up to five T16 aircraft can be controlled by a single T16 remote controller simultaneously, doubling the efficiency of single-pilot operation.


An outstanding propulsion system and slope angle detection technology make it easy to operate in mountainous terrain.


Use the T16 with DJI Terra to build a 3D model of the operation area and identify fruit trees with AI technology. Then, create 3D operation plans according to tree distribution and altitude.

Flat Ground

Manual Operation Mode, A-B Route Operation Mode, and Route Operation Mode are available to cover most operational needs.

Comprehensive Solution. Intelligent Operation.

DJI Agriculture is committed to making the workflow of crop protection more efficient and intelligent. With drones and effective tools, DJI’s agriculture solution greatly simplifies operations, improves efficiency, and increases industrial upgrades.

1. Phantom 4 RTK

Centimeter-level Positioning
High-precision Data Collection
Image Collection of 247 Acres Within 25 Minutes [3]

2. DJI Terra

Real-time Mapping
2D/3D Modeling
AI Operation Planning

3. DJI Agriculture Management Platform

Operation Data Management
Personnel Arrangement

4. Agras T16

High Efficiency Operation
24.7 Acres Within 1 Hour

  • 2600W 4-Channel Intelligent Battery Charger

    Up to four batteries can be charged simultaneously. When using the single-channel quick charging mode, a full charge only takes 20 minutes, a 50% increase in speed from the previous generation. The charger has a built-in battery health management system that monitors critical data in real time, such as voltage and temperature, to ensure charging safety.

  • T16 Intelligent Flight Battery

    The T16 Intelligent Flight Battery has a capacity of 17,500 mAh and a 14S high voltage system that reduces power consumption. It is designed with an IP54-rated all-metal housing, and heat dissipation efficiency has increased by 140% from the previous generation. Supported by cell-balancing technology, the battery has an increased charging cycle of up to 400, [4] 100% higher than the previous generation, significantly reducing operating costs.

[1] The data was tested on the T16 and varies depending on operating environment and parameter settings.
[2] Tested with a transmission distance of 3 km (CE/SRRC) or 5 km (FCC) and a flight altitude of 2.5 m. Please comply with local laws and regulations and keep the product within sight.
[3] Test on Phantom 4 RTK at 150 m.
[4] The test data and actual charging cycles vary to user habits and daily maintenance.

Ingress Protection Rating Description:The T16 is waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant when it is functioning normally. Under stable laboratory conditions, the aircraft has a protection rating of IP54 (IEC standard 60529). The aerial-electronics system (barometer excluded), spray control system, ESC system, and radar module has a protection rating of up to IP67. However, this protection rating is not permanent and may reduce over time after long-term use due to aging and wear. The product warranty does not cover water damage.
The protection ratings of the aircraft mentioned above may decrease in the following scenarios: ①There is a collision and the seal structure is deformed. ②The seal structure of the shell is cracked or damaged. ③The waterproof covers are not properly secured.

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