Takyon Z318 and Z420

SOC Integration

A custom-designed SOC integrates flawlessly with circuits and software algorithms, giving Takyon series ESCs higher performance, increased precision, smaller size and lower weight. All of these factors combine to lower overall power consumption.

Modular Design

A modular board design allows developers and professionals to build complimentary systems. These can be connected through Takyon ESC PCBAs which are made with hard gold plating on the edge connectors to maximize lightness and reduce the weight and size of the board.

Takyon Z318 and Z420

Highly Interoperable

Takyon series ESCs support high-speed throttle signals at frequencies up to 500Hz and OneShot125 for a fast throttle response. A wide range of square wave drive brushless motors are usable without manual tuning through complex flux observation and self-adaptation control technologies.

Takyon Z318 and Z420OneShot Mode Supported
Takyon Z318 and Z420

High KV Motor Support

High KV motors used by many racing aircraft are supported through advanced motor control algorithms, opening up new highs in motor speed.

Takyon Z318 and Z420Up to 280000rpm (1 pole pair) motor speeds supported

Efficient Active Braking Control

Takyon series ESCs support active braking modes. During flight, aircraft equipped with Takyon can brake fast and maneuver with precision and agility, reducing power loss and improving efficiency.

Takyon Z318 and Z420Takyon Z318 and Z420

Real-time Motor Protection

Integrated locked-rotor protection prevents damage to motors in the event of a locked or blocked rotor. Takyon series ESCs constantly scan connected motors in real-time and will cut power if motors stall due to a locked rotor. This protects the propulsion system from avoidable damage.

Takyon Z318 and Z420

DJI Assistant 2

The included DJI Assistant 2 simplifies the process of customizing how an aircraft flies. Set acceleration, timing, active braking, and throttle range according to the specifics of every need, or tune an aircraft for racing quickly and easily. DJI Assistant 2 can also be used for firmware updates, which bring new features and upgraded compatibility.

*Takyon ESC Updater required for parameter settings and firmware updates.

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