User Guide: Consumer Drone Privacy Controls

The DJI Fly flight app is what enables you to operate your DJI consumer drone. It provides you with real-time live display, flight operation tools, user information management, image editing, and content sharing options.

When you activate your drone for the first time, DJI Fly will take you through a short account registration process, outlining what types of data can be collected (including what is optional), and registering your preferences along the way.


Required: An email address, a password and the drone serial number (for product activation)

Recommended: For safety purposes, the drone will attempt to conduct an approximate location check upon activation in order to load the relevant local map and geofencing zones. If desired, you can opt-out of this safety feature by activating "Local Data Mode".

To protect user privacy, the DJI flight app applies a random offset within a 5-10 km radius to prevent identification of the operator’s actual location. The data collected is used temporarily and not stored on any DJI server.

Optional and not collected by default: Flight logs*, images and videos.

*Sync Flight Data is no longer available in the United States.


You can change your privacy preferences at any time by simply toggling the “on” or “off” authorizations of the specified item in the “Settings” page found in the app.

Any data transmitted between the DJI Fly app and the cloud server are encapsulated with the HTTPS protocol to ensure secure transmission. You can also choose to enable the Local Data Mode (LDM) function - which severs the communication between your flight app and the server.

What is Local Data Mode (LDM)?

Activating “Local Data Mode” will turn off the connection between your flight app and the internet, akin to flying offline. In doing so, the app will close all data services and prevent sharing of data, even inadvertently.

Activate Local Data Mode:
1. On your DJI flight app, go to “Settings”
2. Choose “Notification and Privacy” from the menu
3. Turn “Local Data Mode” on

Learn more about DJI security and privacy by downloading our Drone Security White Paper.


Most DJI consumer drones have a “Reset All” option which fully clears users' personal data and settings. You can choose between two levels:

1. Reset all settings: Reset camera, flight controller, and gimbal parameters.
2. Clear all data: In addition to resetting all settings, this also formats storage space and clears drone logs.

To delete all your data on DJI Services, contact

Please refer to the DJI privacy policy at for more information.

The information outlined above does not apply to users based in China.

Please contact if you have any questions.