Learn more about the security protocols and privacy protections built into DJI drones.

Drone Security White Paper

This paper outlines key systems in our drones and the security measures we have implemented to bolster security, enhance privacy controls, and protect the integrity of user data.

Security Audits & Certifications

Since 2017, international cybersecurity firms and experts have conducted thorough assessments of our products procured off-the-shelf, and have consistently validated DJI Security’s alignment with industry best practices and ability to effectively protect user data.

ViewPoints Blog

We invite you to visit our ViewPoints blog regularly to stay up to date on the latest DJI safety and security policy updates.

User Guide: Consumer Drone Privacy Controls

Learn more about the privacy controls available to you via your DJI Fly app.

User Guide: Enterprise Drone Privacy Controls

Enterprise operators require expanded privacy and security controls to meet their operation requirements. Learn more about the controls available in your DJI Pilot app.

Contact DJI Security

Please contact if you have a question or would like to share feedback with the DJI Security team.