A Longstanding Commitment to Safety and Security

We were the first drone maker to introduce built-in user privacy controls, launch a Bug Bounty program, and proactively submit products to regular independent security audits.

Discover the Privacy Protections
of Your DJI Drone

For Consumers

Learn about your drone’s built-in security protections and the privacy controls available to you.

For Enterprise Operators

Drones are revolutionizing work across industries around the world. Learn about the enhanced security measures and privacy controls available to enterprise operators.

Bug Bounty

Did you know that DJI was the first drone maker to establish a Bug Bounty program? It has been running since 2017, with rewards for qualifying bugs ranging from $50 USD to $30,000 USD.


Access independent security audit reports, technical documentation and other resources to learn more about the data security and privacy protections of DJI drones.

A Principled Approach
to Data Security

Transparency & Education

We remain open and transparent about our security and data practices and will continue to make our data management and system security information easily accessible to our users.

Give Users Control

We believe that users should have control over their data, and as such continue to expand the privacy controls built into our drones.

Independent Validation

We perform third-party audits regularly to validate our drone security and data privacy practices. Since 2017, international cybersecurity experts have conducted thorough independent assessments of our products procured off-the-shelf.

Community Collaboration

We actively engage with experts, enthusiasts, and other members of the drone community to hear their suggestions on how to further strengthen our systems.

Latest Announcements

Drone Security White Paper

The white paper outlines key systems in our drones and the security measures DJI has implemented to bolster security, enhance privacy controls, and protect the integrity of user data.

Get The Facts: Countering CCP Drones Act

There is pending legislation that aims to block new DJI products from entering the U.S. market. DJI addresses inaccurate claims and advocates for a technology-based policy approach that raises the bar on drone security overall.

DJI Drones: Get the Facts

DJI aligns with cybersecurity best practices and encourages drone operators to practice good security hygiene by performing regular reviews and training to ensure their protocols remain up to date with industry standards.

We hope you find the information provided on this page helpful. Feel free to contact us at datasecurity@dji.com if you have any questions or comments.