DJI Dock

DJI Docks are rugged, reliable, and are built to operate 24/7, day or night, rain or shine. Each Dock houses a Matrice 30 where it lands, recharges, takes off, and executes missions programmed in DJI FlightHub 2.


  • DJI Dock - Release Notes 2024-02-22
  • DJI Dock - Safety Guidelines v1.02023-07-28
  • DJI Dock - User Manual v1.82024-02-22
  • DJI Dock - User Manual (Dutch) v1.42023-06-30
  • FlightHub 2 - User Guide v3.02023-09-18
  • DJI Dock - Quick Installation Guide v1.02023-06-13
  • DJI Dock - In the Box v1.02023-06-13
  • DJI Dock - Installation and Setup Manual v1.42023-10-12
  • DJI Dock - Installation and Setup Manual (Dutch) v1.42023-10-12
  • DJI Dock - Maintenance Manual v1.02023-07-26
  • DJI Dock - M30T Dock Version Aircraft - User Guide v1.02023-06-13
  • DJI Dock - Known Issue List 2023-07-26
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  • DJI Dock Firmware V01.06.17042024-02-22


DJI Assistant 2 (Enterprise Series)

Compatible with Matrice,The Mac version does not support the M300 M350 and Zenmuse H20 series at this time.


Mac V2.1.12
Windows V2.1.12


  • DJI Assistant 2 (Enterprise Series) Release Notes V2.1.122023-11-15