AGRAS MG-1S Series

A3 Flight Controller, Radar Sensing System, and flow sensor.


  • AGRAS MG-1S Series Release Notes (MG-1S / MG-1S RTK)2022-11-15
  • AGRAS MG-1S Series - User Manual 1.0 (MG-1S / MG-1S RTK)2017-10-17
  • MG Smart Charging Hub User Guide 1.02017-04-13
  • AGRAS MG-1S Series Product Brochure 2.02017-05-09
  • AGRAS MG-1S Series Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines v1.22017-10-17
  • AGRAS MG-1S Series - Quick Start Guide v1.0 (MG-1S / MG-1S RTK)2017-07-17
  • AGRAS MG-1S Series In the Box (MG-1S / MG-1S RTK)2017-07-17
  • D-RTK Base Station User Guide 1.02017-10-15
  • MG-12000S Flight Battery User Guide 1.42018-07-16
  • MG Intelligent Battery Charger Instruction Manual 1.02017-12-01
  • MG Spreading System User Guide 1.02018-03-30
  • Obstacle Avoidance Radar User Guide 1.02017-07-17
  • Droplet Analyzer User Guide 1.02017-06-28
  • AGRAS MG-1S Series - D-RTK Handheld Mapper User Guide 1.02017-10-15


  • AGRAS MG-1S Series Remote Controller Firmware V5.3.0.12022-11-15
  • AGRAS MG-1S Series Remote Controller Firmware V3.5.0.02018-09-12
  • AGRAS MG-1S Series Remote Controller Firmware Remote Controller Firmware Update Guide 2017-05-16


DJI Assistant 2 for MG

DJI Assistant 2 is not currently compatible with macOS version 11 or later. This issue will be resolved in a future update.


Mac V2.1.0
Windows V2.1.2


  • DJI Assistant 2 for MG Release Notes V2.1.22021-12-24

MG Smart Charging Hub Update Kit


Windows V2.0