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Hardware Configuration
Hardware Configuration
Software Configuration
Software Configuration

Hardware Configuration

1. I get no reaction from motors after CSC, what is wrong?
Please refer to detailed instructions in the user manual. Start Assistant to check if the control joystick on your transmitter can reach its full range, and whether moving directions shown in the software and in reality are equivalent. Please unplug the USB when testing.
2. My drone is drifting all around and cannot lock position. What should I do?
Make sure mechanical setup was successful and that the aircraft can hover stably in Atti mode. The GPS must be mounted correctly, face forward and be away from any source of interference. Wait for a GPS signal until the red flash ceases, then switch to GPS mode.
3. How can I avoid shaking during flight?
Try reducing the basic gain value, then make sure your propeller blades are in good condition. If shaking issues continue, switch ESC and motors to test.
4. LED flashes green rapidly after taking off, what is the problem?
If LED flashes green for 10 seconds, that means IOC function is activated. If LED keeps flashing green, please check your IMU connection or contact with DJI support.
5. Height cannot be locked, what is the problem?
Please adjust the vertical gain and use the default throttle curve.
6. When hovering, the aircraft spins, how do I stop this?
Please check the sub-trim of aileron and motor settings.
7. What kind of ESC can I use?
A standard ESC on market is available. Please make sure mid-range is at 1520us and 400Hz.
8. How do I connect S-Bus to A2? What about configuration on RC controller?
Please connect S-Bus to X2 by using a servo wire, and change receiver type to D-Bus in Assistant.
9. Do I need to cut off the red wire on ESCs, made by other companies?
If the ESC has a BEC function, please cut red wire, otherwise red wire can be kept.
10. Where should I locate my IMU?
Please locate your IMU near the center of gravity on your aircraft and away from other electronic device such as GPS and receivers.
11. Can I put my WooKong-M GPS on A2?
No, they don’t share the GPS module.
12. Does A2 support PPM receivers?
13. Does your system support non-Futaba S-bus system?
No. It supports the Futaba S-bus system and PPM.
14. Does the A2 support 900M/2.4G PC ground station?
15. Can I use one controller to control both my copter and gimbal?
Yes, but it is not recommended since the total channel is limited and some functions are not able to be mapped.
16. What kind of copters does the A2 support?
A2 supports V4, I4, V6, I6, X8, I8, V8, IY6, Y6 and your own setting.

Software Configuration

1. What can I do when the software and the main controller can’t be connected?
The Assistant driver has not been installed successfully. Install the driver after the Main Control Unit is powered on and the flight control system is connected to your device.
2. The Red LED is flashing quickly. What should I do?
Connect the main controller with Assistant to check the error prompts upon connection and then refer to the corresponding solutions according the tip on the prompt window and also that in the user manual.
3. There is no GPS information in Assistant, what should I do?
Make sure that the GPS module is connected to CAN 1 of the main controller. Then, check if GPS its firmware is outdated. Lastly, check whether IOC mode can be switched in Assistant. This will prove that the GPS module is working.
4. I cannot select the IOC function. What should I do?
Check if the GPS module is connected to main controller, then check if the X2 channel is already occupied. The IOC function only works through the X2 channel.
5. How can I deal with a configuration error?
Calibrate your transmitter joysticks and then restart the main controller.
6. CSC makes motors turn too fast or too slow. What can I do?
You can change the Motor Idle Speed through Assistant.
7. Does Assistant support Mac/iOS?
Assistant (app) for iOS devices is available on App Store, but a DJI Bluetooth LED is necessary. Assistant for Mac is available on the DJI website.
8. Does Assistant support Android?
Assistant for Android will be available in the future.
9. Why can I not install Assistant in my Windows 7 computer?
Few users who use WINDOWS 7 operating system may not have the usbser.sys file, please download this file and put it into C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers, and then reinstall the driver.
10. Gain value adjustment fails. How can I adjust them?
If you fail to adjust the gain value in Assistant, please follow these steps:
1. Make sure the Main Control Unit is connected and can communicate with Assistant.
2. Make sure the Receiver is properly connected to the Main Control Unit.
3. Make sure you have selected the correct Receiver type in Assistant
11. Can I map a relay on D1-D4?
No, D1-D4 are signal output, not voltage output.


1. I switched mode switch many times and still cannot enter the GPS calibration mode. What should I do?
Please make sure the mode switch was assigned correctly and is in manual mode. Please also note that GPS calibration requires switching back and forth quickly.
2. After registering with Assistant, why can’t I log in?
Please check your email, including junk mail, for the activation email. Click the link to register then you can log in to the software with your email address and password.
3. My copter falls to one side during the flight, why?
Please check if motors and ESCs are functioning, and be aware of a poor connection or poor soldering.
4. I got the Toilet Bowl Effect when hovering in GPS mode.
Your GPS is suffering from interference or the GPS arrow does not point straight forward.
5. Can I purchase a single GPS support unit?
Yes, please contact local dealer near to you.
6. I can’t find my DJI USB cable, do I need buy a new one from you?
You can use your own Micro USB cable, or buy any Micro USB cable from any store.
7. My PMU is burned, what should I do?
Please contact your local dealer.
8. Does your system provide a warranty?
Yes, please refer to our warranty clause.
9. Is the A2 lighting-proof?
There has been no lighting testing on the A2, but it has passed 4kv static electricity testing.
10. What is working temperature of the A2?
From -5C to 60C.
11. What’s the hovering accuracy in GPS mode?
Horizontal: ± 2m; Vertical: ± 0.5m subjected to mechanical performance.
12. How resistant is A2 to wind?
< 8m/s (17.9mph/28.8km/h)
13. How fast can the A2 climb?
Maximum climbing speed is 6m/s in Atti mode and GPS mode. Speed in manual mode is subject to mechanical settings and power supply.
14. The aircraft cannot lock altitude and descends gradually during flight. The throttle stick also reacts slowly.
Please check the following items:
a). Is the aircraft or motor overloaded?
b). Is battery power is sufficient? A low voltage will trigger the low voltage protection function;
c). Is aircraft vibration excessive? Check the motors and propeller balance to avoid vibration;
15. Why does the LED flash yellow & green continuously after powering on?
This means the compass requires calibration.
16. Why are the purple lights blinking continuously during flight?
This is the Home-Point indication. When a Home-Point has been recorded before takeoff, every time the main controller is connected to more than 6 satellites (i.e. no red flashing), and you are not in manual mode, the LED will flash 6 purple LED’s periodically to indicate that the aircraft is less than 8km from the Home-Point. When the aircraft is outside the 8km radius, the LED’s will cease blinking.
If you are using the IOC function, every time you edit the Home-Point, the purple lights will flash.
17. Solution for LED yellow and green blinking.
LED blinking yellow and green alternately means compass errors or interference:
1.Long time yellow and green blinking: compass calibration is required.
2. Temporary yellow and green blinking: e.g. LED blinks several times when the aircraft flies over an area. Or an aircraft calibrated inside a house is taken outside. In these cases the compass is ok and has no issues. Compass calibration is not required.
When compass data becomes abnormal (LED blinks yellow and green) during flying. For safety reasons, the autopilot system will change the control mode automatically. However in Atti and Manual Modes it will not react. In any other control modes, the autopilot system will enter into Atti. Mode automatically (the mode shown on the status bar will be “Atti.” if you connect the autopilot to Assistant). Once the compass data go back to normal, the autopilot system will regain the original control mode.

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